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Reinvention, or Not?

I spent an inordinate amount of time Wednesday looking back through pictures from the past four years. So much time, in fact, that when I looked at my watch it read 2:45 in the afternoon! I NEVER skip meals, but never say never, huh?

I found this one that I really loved, taken years ago at the market.
 The light and the adorable girls makes me smile every time I see it.

Why exactly was I looking? Well, Winter Park is looming and I need to order at least 10 large canvases for the walls. Always a big struggle for me. Most people who come by my booth cannot imagine the struggle I go through! I decided to fall back on a technique I've used before--having small prints made at Target to set out and see what grabs me.
Astute readers will note the material in the upper right. Still not done with that dress....

Angela called and I invited her over for her opinion. She chose four. Bruce took a look this morning and chose five completely different ones. So, where does that leave me? One thing Bruce told me was that I need not feel like I must reinvent myself for every show.

That is quite the dilemma for me. For one thing, I get bored selling "Beach Daisies" time and again. As well, I have quite a few repeat customers and it seems to me that they are looking for something new. The whole thing just stops me in my tracks.

While looking I came across this photo of our very first show in Baldwin Park:
This was a few months after meeting Mr. Roger. Notice we are showing only one canvas, displayed hanging on the right side of the photograph. My goodness my tent looked nice and clean, unlike these days. I must consider investing in my infrastructure! The funny thing about that canvas is that the person who bought it was the woman who initially denied me access to the market I've now called my Sunday home for the last four years!

My bridge time yesterday was both fun and painful, with me losing multiple hands! Good thing I'm not very competitive. The ladies were kind enough to not give me a hard time.

Today was spent signing prints, doing laundry and mowing the lawn. All is done. Tonight, after having our supper we plan a Friday Night Lights marathon. Monday night we finished the final episode of the third series which left us hanging! Bruce told me to head out on Tuesday to get the next series, however, I used my Amazon Prime to have it shipped in only two days. While weeding last evening, the UPS guy pulled up and I thanked him. If you've not seen Friday Night Lights you are really, really missing a good show. Time to eat dinner.....
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