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Who Says the Blog is Dead?

I remember a few years ago hearing that, but I don't believe it for a minute. Every day I come across wildly creative blogs. For all it's faults, I believe the digital revolution has democratized the world of creativity. It seems to me that if you have a clever enough idea, people will find you, or at least that's the hope!

Dear Photograph is just that. A photography blog I sometimes read--JPG Magazine, make that mostly look at, featured it in a story. Captivating my friends. It totally made me want to grab some old photos and do the same. You won't be sorry if you click on it and see what I'm raving about.

 Fashion lovers amongst my readers will love this blog by Jamie Beck. Gorgeous photography. Gorgeous fashion. The Ralph Lauren and Burberry shows are standouts, however, the Daily Outfit shots are pretty darn beautiful.

My friend Karen Howard began writing about genealogy last month, specifically her family history. She's trying to find an audience for her little space in the blogosphere. Comments, she wants comments! Don't we all?

Now, let's get back to this little blog; post number 897! Maybe I shouldn't have written that because after all this time I'm still looking for an audience of more than 10!

Shall we do pictures first today?
What, pray tell is this you ask? A labor of love is what it is. Every market I do, I seem to meet folks, including the fellow who hand made this large banner with the names of all police officers across the land killed in the line of duty. According to him, it will be auctioned off in Washington DC next month. He insisted I photograph it, and if I cared to, he wouldn't mind a minute if I put it on canvas to sell. I'll pass on that thank you just the same.
Another one from Winter Garden. Isn't this a lovely display? Love it!

I roamed a bit while Baxter was having his teeth cleaning done. The old dead trees were intriguing me. The sun was high in the sky when I shot upwards. Whoa--looks like a light sword to me!
When I purchased the fresia from Fresh Market I was expecting them to have a lovely fragrance which they did not. HOWEVER, they do have a lovely shape, don't you agree?
The cheap bird feeder I purchased for outside my bedroom window, despite shoring up on Bruce's part, broke, necessitating a new purchase. Well maybe, necessitating isn't true but desire sure is. Hanging in the ligustrum tree outside my bedroom window I can see birds on occasion, but more often than not, I see squirrels. They eat seed faster than I can fill it! I knocked on the window to scare him when I saw him hanging upside down to get at the food. That pesky bugger didn't budge until I came outside with my camera. Love how he's wondering if he can get away with another attempt.
The other day during a treasure hunt at Marshalls I found these:
Made in Scotland, they have the most divine smell. Normally I'm not much of a soap person like my sister Maureen, however, these were too good to pass up.

A few days ago I had a little stroll downtown. Actually I was on a mission to get a shot of a Bob Marley stencil I saw when I was setting up the other night. I roamed for a few blocks, heading down alleyways, which wasn't such a great idea in flip flops, but you do what you've got to do. I'm wondering if any readers know who this is supposed to be:
Anymore, I'm so removed from popular culture that I need help keeping up. Any ideas?

My car was parked in front of First Presbyterian Church, more specifically in front of their playground. Oh how seeing this truck in the wet sand brought back fond memories of the sandboxes Bruce built for the boys.
In my mind's eye I can still see Matthew playing in the yellow octagonal box his Daddy made for him way back when we lived in California. Bruce was SO proud of that sandbox, as well he should have been, because once we started adding boys to our family, they all played in it for hours and hours. Happy days!

Bruce brought these cool bottles home from, maybe New Jersey? I can remember when the Coke family included only these two. And then there was Tab. Never liked the stuff myself. Always opting for the full calorie count. Still do.
We've had some good news! A cold front is on the way!!! This time on Sunday the front porch thermometer will not look like this:
Cannot wait!!

Most nights after eating my dinner I head to bed with a book, unlike most folks who head to the couch to watch television. I learned this from my Mother. Well sort of. She headed to bed any old time. Anyway two nights this week were spent reading On Canann's Side  by Sebastian Barry. Oh my, oh my--what a book. To say his writing is elegant is an understatement. The opening lines had me hooked:

"Bill is gone.
What is the sound of an eighty-nine-year-old heart breaking? It might not be much more than silence, and certainly a small slight sound."

Perhaps you've read some of his earlier novels, I had not. I plan to rectify that as soon as possible.
I mention the bed thing because Bruce calls every night to chat. When we did the remodel, our phone line in the kitchen was cut, requiring moving the base unit to the sunroom. This was a problematic solution. In our bedroom the connection was very, very poor leading to all kinds of frustration. No longer my friends; an updated version has put us back in business. Call me anytime on our new set up and you'll hear me just fine.

Much to my dismay, bridge is cancelled today because we can't get a foursome, what with people traveling and such. Instead I will be tackling a list of errands--not nearly as much fun for sure.



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