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Halloween Weekend

I can't really pinpoint the time that Halloween became such a bigger deal, I just know that it is. There was a time when a single carved pumpkin on the porch was sufficient. No longer. I've seen some pretty elaborate yard displays the last few weeks, and if anyone is wearing homemade costumes, I'd be surprised. Plus, the whole adults getting into it is new. Dave and Michelle host an annual party and they are not the only ones for sure. I, for one, have never been excited about wearing a costume. Although I sew I can't remember ever really making a costume for the boys, in fact, I disliked the whole idea of having to dream ideas up. I can't think of a single costume they wore, however, I'm sure they can.

What I do like about Halloween is the appearance of candy corn in the stores. It's probably there year round but I notice it most around this time of the year.
Little bite sized pieces of sugar heaven if you ask me! Bruce has been home for the last few days …

It IS a Small World Afterall

Two quick stories:

Bruce called a plumbing contractor in Watertown, NY for a warranty problem at his restaurant there. Leaving a message, he was sure he recognized the last name. Although he didn't speak with the woman directly, it turns she is married to a man who was Bruce's best friend while growing up in Adams, NY.  Because Bruce's family moved to Florida when he was six, he lost contact. Amazing!Today I learned that Willie, one of my bridge buddies worked as a nurse at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center as did I while living in California. Tell me, what are the odds of that? Facebook is making it easier and easier to find long lost friends but to my way of thinking it's still better with a voice.
Yesterday morning no big ideas came to me. After sitting at my computer writing and reading I was fast becoming lethargic. Who wouldn't, getting up before 5:00?
Baxter, let's go to Cypress Grove Park and get moving a bit, shall we? I talk to him way too much! Is it…

Early, Very Early

It is one thing when you get up early, as in before 5AM, when you're going someplace; it is quite another when you're staying home. Rarely does Baxter wake me up to go out in the morning, however, something  has gotten into him because both yesterday and today he's whimpered to be let out crazy early. Hmmm.....The day may be a long one unless I dream up something exciting to do.

Blogging is as good a way to start my day as any, so let's get going!

Remember about two weeks ago I showed you our neighbor's Golden Rain Tree? No longer gold, the blossoms, if you can call them that, have now turned a lovely shade of coral:
Pretty isn't it? Yesterday morning, because I was up bright and early, although come to think of it there was no brightness to be found at that hour, I decided it was time to tackle a few chores around the house, including the yard and pool. After I told the folks at the office of the pool cleaning company I did not want the young man they'd be…

Back to the Markets

Whew--that was better! Back where I know my space and my neighbors. Except now that I was back downtown, Kathy and Jim, my next door neighbors, were off for the weekend. I missed them, not only because Kathy is good enough to watch my booth while I make a bathroom run, but because foremost, I like them. I'd forgotten they were taking a well deserved Sunday off.  Next week we'll catch up!

One thing about the Winter Garden market that was a wee bit challenging was the 8:00 start time. Now, that's not terribly early, however, when you have to make a bit of a drive, plus unload and set up, it's earlier than I'd like. Saturday morning, with Bruce finally home, I had no desire to leave our comfy bed. I did though. Just a little later than was probably prudent for a rule follower like myself. As I pulled up I noticed that the number of vendors had shrunk in my absence. Well, no wonder--the previous week, following the market, Dana held a meeting to go over the rules of lo…


When I entered the Audubon Society photo contest last summer the least expensive route was to simply join. Wasn't much really. As you know, I won nothing, however I do get the magazine which contains some very beautiful photographs. It was while reading the magazine that I first learned about an upcoming movie release: The Big Year. Birding movie huh? Can't imagine it having a wide appeal, but it interested me mostly because of that.

So yesterday morning, while playing bridge, my birder friend Linda said she was going in the evening with a friend and did I want to join them. Why not? I'm pretty much a nighttime homebody these days, but I really need to get out more. I'm not getting any younger you know. Beverly, another bridge friend, wanted to come as well. Linda thought the film made birders look goofy, however, to me it made them look very, very passionate about their birds. You've all probably heard it's based on a true story of three men trying to see more…

Cold Front

That's what they are calling it, however, to some, that may be too strong a term. In the fall and winter, rainy weather usually precedes a "cold front" and this time was no exception. This morning the sky is turning blue with temperatures reaching only into the low 70's. How about that?

Yesterday morning, as is customary, it rained, not hard, but just enough to keep Baxter and I indoors for a bit. Just as I was grabbing the leash and calling to him, the rain began. Not for long though. We took our neighborhood walk during a break in the action. The whole day was like that, cloudy, rainy, and sunny.

The walk found us heading down Appleton, taking a left on Summerlin, and roaming around what for fifty years was called the Navy Sound Lab. These days it is owned by the school board--no idea what goes on there now. Taking pictures under these conditions can be fun. The first thing we saw that might interest you, forgive me if you've seen it before, is this intricate b…