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Comings and Goings

If you read yesterday's post you'll remember that I second guessed my decision all Sunday afternoon. Looking at this photograph taken around 5 pm, you'll agree it added insult to injury.
Yes indeed, I was pretty darn miserable, although it did rain again later. That said, I keep reminding myself that my product was too darn wet for anyone to have been able to purchase it.

As well you may remember that I said everything was spread all over the house drying out. Bruce left again early Monday morning after which time I tackled the packing up. Here's a little tour of what I faced beginning with my former office:
That white thing hanging off the treadmill is one of the sides, another one was on the bed, another hanging in the garage and the fourth one was hanging in the hall bathroom!
The poor sunroom--you could barely walk around:
And more:
We had the overhead fan blasting away as well as this stand up version. Even my office housed some stuff:
Sadly, those two containers on my desk contain inventory that I'd planned on selling. Fortunately they are proven sellers meaning eventually they will go. The kitchen even got involved once I began the clean up beginning with the side panels. Notice my shoes which also had to go through the fan treatment!
After the panels were packed away I began the canvas packing:
The good news is that nothing is the worse for wear. Finally, all rooms were cleared of evidence, packed and in their rightful place in the garage:
I received a very sweet email from Tom's mom Jane,  who apparently spent some time yesterday catching up with Camera Crazy. She expressed her sorrow (is that too strong a word for this?) over my disappointment, going so far as to say she hoped the experience did not dampen my enthusiasm for my art. How did she know? As I type, there is an application for a show in New Smyrna Beach which is due by October 15, however, I can't seem to make myself prepare it. Things would be decidedly different had I done well--now I'm not so sure.

I was thinking a road trip might clear my head and heart. Angela has agreed to watch Baxie for me if I choose to do so, although, I can't think of any place I really want to go. Still puzzling. You and I both know the last thing I need is to take more photographs!

I managed to stay busy the rest of Monday, buying that bird seed Lisa mentioned along with some waterproofing spray for my sides. While talking to Bruce last night in New Jersey he told me he ordered some vinyl sides which in the future will do more to keep things dry. He's such a sweetie. Because I rarely have anything to cry about, it really upset him that this experience brought me to tears. So girlie right?

Yesterday the weather forecast was for more rain, however, once again it was incorrect. The sun shone brilliantly which in some ways made me sad and in other ways lifted my spirits. Unlike some parts of the world Florida is known for rain showers and then sun. It is unheard of having rain for 36 hours straight unless there is a hurricane. Crazy business but I guess no crazier than a hurricane in England, an earthquake in Virginia, record breaking drought in Texas and the list goes on. Why should we be spared?

Moving on, no more trying to photograph our cardinals through the side window blinds. No siree! I've moved the feeder as you saw in yesterday's squirrel picture, outside the front glass door. Perfect! And here's the right kind of visitor:
Love, love that little tuft on the head! The new seed I purchased from Lisa's recommendation is safflower which is supposed to discourage squirrels. I'll try it once this batch is gone which should be maybe later today once the squirrels start their acrobatics!

Recently someone in my booth said she thought the October sunsets were the best. Really? I hadn't noticed. Last evening while my potatoes were boiling for my favorite comfort food, mashed potatoes, Baxter and I headed down to the lake. This time he was a willing participant; as we walked it looked like this:
That sky was pretty impressive--no doubt. It didn't last long though--comings and goings, it is everywhere you look. Sunset pictures are a dime a dozen that's for sure. That said, I dont' remember ever taking one where the sun's rays were so visible.
So, yes, my heart is still heavy, but the feeling is going, and my enthusiasm while dampened (no pun intended!), I still feel the rays of sunshine in my heart about the joys of taking photographs.

Because I'm typing this on an iMac, I owe a debt to Steve Jobs. All over the web you can find tributes and accolades to his genius. I won't go so far as to compare him to Thomas Edison as some folks have done, but I do think he certainly made great contributions to many, many lives. I thought this photo series of Mr. Jobs was worthy of sharing.

I'll let you know if I head off into the wild blue yonder....

your out and about photographer,

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