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Halloween Weekend

I can't really pinpoint the time that Halloween became such a bigger deal, I just know that it is. There was a time when a single carved pumpkin on the porch was sufficient. No longer. I've seen some pretty elaborate yard displays the last few weeks, and if anyone is wearing homemade costumes, I'd be surprised. Plus, the whole adults getting into it is new. Dave and Michelle host an annual party and they are not the only ones for sure. I, for one, have never been excited about wearing a costume. Although I sew I can't remember ever really making a costume for the boys, in fact, I disliked the whole idea of having to dream ideas up. I can't think of a single costume they wore, however, I'm sure they can.

What I do like about Halloween is the appearance of candy corn in the stores. It's probably there year round but I notice it most around this time of the year.
Little bite sized pieces of sugar heaven if you ask me! Bruce has been home for the last few days and is completely helpless around them, especially since I bought an alleged mid-century footed candy dish at a local place called Art Angels. I stopped in there the other afternoon while in the vicinity. As I got out of the car I was greeted by this BLACK cat who seemed to have a really long tail to me.
Am I wrong in thinking that is an extra long tail? The eyes of this cat just glowed as he came towards me--perfectly Halloween:
Both markets over the weekend had kids in costumes which was fun to see because we have so few in our neighborhood. This little Pocahontas posed with her Grandpa at Winter Garden on Saturday:
What a little cutie right? And then there was this funny little boy in presumably a Spiderman costume:
I say presumably because he wasn't very talkative. He probably thought I was a dummy for asking if he was Spiderman because the costume should speak for itself.

Rain was coming down as we woke on Saturday morning prompting me to check with Dana whether or not it was a go. It was. Despite the rain, people came out, not a lot, but some. Around 10:30 it stopped for good with only a gloomy sky to remind of us of the earlier rain. I had some sales, not a bunch, but some just the same. Plus I had fun with my neighbor Linda, a Haitian woman the same age as Bill and Dave. She is a very talented seamstress, making purses with beading and all sorts of other trims. I was very happy for her because one woman bought three for gifts. Buy local baby!

Sunday morning we woke to clear, cool skies. I pity the poor folks up North who suffered through a freak snowstorm over the weekend. Beautiful day all around down here bringing folks out in droves! Costumed children as well as dogs. Our neighbor Jim contends that the recession can't be all that bad if people can afford to dress up their dogs, and I think he has something there.

These people didn't dress their infants for Halloween, but they were such a beautiful family I couldn't help but ask if I could take their picture. These are 7 month old twins held by their proud parents.
The face on the little girl is priceless. Speaking of which, the mother informed me that of the two, the girl is the bigger handfull. She sure doesn't look it does she?

My friend Sue came early and stayed to visit. She's pictured sitting on the left:
The empty chair is mine before I jumped up to capture the little ladybug. Sue and I discussed, as best we could, the upcoming high school reunion which is just two weeks away. I say we discussed, however, not nearly as much as we'd have liked what with all the visitors I had. We'd get going on something and fortunately were constantly interrupted. All those visitors did not turn into sales, but it was fun nonetheless to meet new friends and old. Last evening when I totalled my October sales I was surprised to learn I'd sold 130 items. Now if only Winter Park would have gone as planned.....Hopefully next year is my rallying cry.

Later in the day this came through:
The mother told me she just loves Halloween and made this for "Romy" when he was one. Now that he is three, after seeing pictures of himself from his youth, he wanted to repeat the Pirate experience. Some people are wildly creative aren't they? Can you see his little hook arm? Now you can.
Finally, here's Kathy on the left admiring the baby butterfly with the proud Grandma looking on in the middle:
Her color coordinated pacifier was enough to make anyone smile.

A great new development is that the orange juice is back!!! We've so missed them while this seasons' fruit has been ripening. Not only do they give out samples of juice, but you are welcome to try both oranges and pink grapefruit if you like:
So, not only was Sue there for two hours, my friend Karen Howard arrived with her family later in the afternoon. I'd not seen any of her children for more years than I can remember. Both Susan and Chris were in tow. Jeff, their other son is getting married on Tuesday at the courthouse, going for the no fuss method. I've written about Karen in the past, she lives with her husband Jim in Murphy, North Carolina  after they both retired from the school system in Orlando.

Son number one, Chris, found my blog several years ago which I only remembered after they left. I so wish I'd asked him how he stumbled upon me; nevertheless, he was the catalyst that reconnected our friendship, mostly through Karen reading this here blog. These days Chris lives in New York City writing art criticism for various publications. Naturally I was not entirely comfortable with him looking through my baskets with a critical eye, however, he was gracious. In fact, he took home both a photograph of oranges and a brocoli one for his apartment. Nice. As well, he paid me a bit of a compliment, or at least that's how I took it, saying my work reminded him of two exhibiting big city photographers. How about that? I told you he was gracious!

The day has begun with rain once again. I'm super grateful the beautiful Sunday weather was sandwiched between two gloomy days. Hopefully the rain will taper off in time for the real Halloween.

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