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On This Date

The great thing about having such a long term blog is that when something comes up, say about the unseasonably warm weather we are having this January, I have my own online reference guide! Yesterday, although I took a light sweater to the market, that baby came off after only about ten minutes revealing my sleeveless dress. Please do not be jealous if you live where it is cold--our positions will be reversed once summertime rolls around!

According to my blog posts,

it is not the first time we've had warm weather on, or about January 14, and I suspect it won't be the last. I must say, we are all wondering if it is spring time now, what will come next? Then again, I always say our weather can be defined as "greater summer," and "lesser summer."

Typically I'm a move forward kind of person, so in reality, I rarely go back and read my older posts, however, this exercise was kind of fun. I still remember how delighted I was in 2008 to receive my Valencia diploma, and I'm only sorry I did not attend the graduation ceremony, because, hot dog, that was a hard two years of my life!

Unlike the gloom earlier last week, we have had some lovely sunny days. I've tried to photograph this powder puff bloom a gazillion times before with mixed results. While riding down Pershing on Friday morning the sun was lighting up the blooms so beautifully I gave it another go:
Did I tell you I picked up the key for my new, downstairs room at FAVO? I've shown you the buildings at night, however, I don't believe I've shown you the daytime view.
See that room with the crazy giraffe in it? That will be mine for the First Friday event on February 1. Room 139. Please come if you can because it's such a good time, AND, we will be sprucing that room up before the event, as early as this Thursday if all goes according to plan. Naturally, I'll keep you posted...

I don't take a lot of nighttime shots, but on my way home from FAVO, the sky was looking so nice I took this while stopped at a light downtown:
I went out to Winter Garden on Saturday, what with the lovely weather and all. I tell you, the place was jumping with vendors, strollers, and buyers. Strollers, as in people out enjoying the weather, and then again, plenty of strollers with small children as well!
The new blue tablecloth! Not very well done despite the french seams and lace binding on the hem. On the ground, below the sling to the right of the picture, is a super cute dog bowl Jonathan and Alissa got us for Christmas. Trouble is, Baxter is a bit too small for it, so now I'm one of those vendors with a dog bowl, and Lord knows, people bring their dogs! J & A will be happy to know it went to good use, both Saturday and Sunday.
Because I am adjacent to the produce I saw a staggering amount of fruits and vegetables sold!
By late morning these giant piles were reduced to almost nothing!

On my way home I took a few side streets ending up across the lake from the Citrus Bowl which is next up in the grand plan of re-doing our Orlando sports facilities. Some folks were out doing a little fishing although they told me they hadn't been there long enough to catch anything.
After unloading from the market, I turned right around and filled the Pilot back up with all the new canvases I'd ordered for the upcoming season. Time will tell if I've chosen wisely. When I pulled up to the McNicholas house, Trish was out power washing the sidewalk, which brings me to a sad tale.

Herb and Corrine have been fleeced. I mean seriously, what kind of person has the gall to convince an 84, and 87 year old couple, that having the driveway cracks repaired cost $10,000!!! To make a long, and sad, story short, Herb wrote a check for $5,000, the guy spread dry concrete mix on the driveway, wetting it and saying he'd be back in the morning. Yup, he cashed the check pronto, never came back, and it took Tim, Herb's son, all day Saturday to clean up the mess, using our power washer. It makes my blood boil! A brand, spanking new driveway would have set them back only about $4,000. :-(

How warm was it on Sunday? Well, warm enough for everyone to wear sandals, including, but not limited to, our niece Jenn pictured holding our great nephew Spencer.
I took this on my way back from the bathroom. Earlier, they visited my booth and I took this picture of Rich holding the newest Condon family member, Cameron.
When I think about Rich as a teenager, he's two months older than Bill and David, I can hardly believe how he has changed. To say he is a doting dad is putting it mildly!

We changed the set up a little, actually Roger did when he and Trish came by in the morning. Agreeing to give his idea a test run, I don't know if it made any difference, but I did have a very good day.
The market was super crowded, everyone out enjoying the weather. From reading this blog, you know that every market day has something different in store. Not long before our closing time, this group came through, spreading cheer, or I believe that's what they told me.
I always wonder where in the heck they get their costume ideas! Or, for that matter, where do they buy them?

Bruce took off for Lake City this morning, leaving super early, which in turn woke me up the same. I'm delighted he did because it allowed me to get off to an early start myself. For the first time, in what seems like ages, the clothes are hanging on the line, drying in the warm sunshine. Nice.

Finally, last week, I took this image to post and then forgot about it.
For what pray tell? Well, if you are like me, and eat a lot of your meals solo, the little Asian baskety thing works like a charm as a pasta colander. Now you know.

I wonder, oh how I wonder, if in five years I will still be writing, and this very post will end up in a "on this date" entry? Only time will tell, won't it? Yikes, here I was coming up with an ending, knowing full well that you are tired of reading this, AND, if you take the time to check those links to earlier posts, even more so, HOWEVER, I've one more thing to tell you.

Last evening, while reading the obituaries,( there you go again now Gail,) I came across one about an 103 year old woman. And I quote, "If you were to ask the secret of her long, health life, she would tell you, "drink fresh orange juice (every day)."With that in mind, perhaps I'll still be writing in ten years!

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