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Better and Better

That goes for both Miss Karen, and myself. Shopping came first today, so I didn't get to the hospital until around 3. Turns out, she's talking a bit and even had some applesauce today! Furthermore, they were preparing to move her out of ICU (into a regular room on the neuro floor) just as I arrived. Upon hearing all of the good news I decided to come on home to finish some chores; visiting tomorrow seems like a plan.

Taking a little side street, I saw this site, tailor made for a photo:There are a fair number of people for whom decay+windows+texture=perfect! Trifecta! What was so cool about this though is that after I knocked on the door to ask permission, I learned a bunch.Excuse me, I'm getting a head of myself! After ringing the bell,waiting, and then knocking gently, slowly the door opened to reveal the back of a pretty white head, seated in a chair, and a gentleman standing there with door in hand. Permission was granted after a low chuckle from the seated lady. She said, "Now honey, you can take a photo if you wish--my granddaddy built that in 1912!" When most people think of Orlando, they immediately think new, and compared to say London, it is all new, but this is pretty old by our standards. The street the house located on is named for her family, as well as Hansel Avenue, which all my Orlando friends know as the split on Orange Avenue. Now I can't remember if it was her grandson, or son in law, but anyway he came out there to see what I was up to and told me the family history. Did I mention the sweet lady is 90 and lives alone? Good stuff my gentle readers.

Here's something I found inside the garage, which would make modern parents go CRAZY!Gave me a little chuckle thinking about someone today strapping their little one into that seat!

Regarding myself, I can't remember when I've felt as good as I do now. Certainly, it was a long while ago. Not only am I not getting nearly as tired, my side pain rears its' ugly head only occasionally; if you can imagine, I got up at 4 today. I'm so sure you can hardly believe I'm still with it! Bill needed a ride to the airport for a 5:30 flight, necessitating the early wake up call. One caveat though--I was asleep by 9:30 last night. Originally Bill said his flight was at 6, so Bruce set the alarm accordingly. Awakened by the ringing telephone, I reach for it in the dark, hitting the speaker button by mistake. Bill corrects the flight time, and my response is, "do I have to get up now?" He laughed, "no mom, it's only 11:30. The alarm is reset by you know who. I was fully prepared to take him, but you know who I'm married to--Mr. Wonderful. He figured I'd definitely go back to sleep, however, I just didn't feel the need to. Orange juice, tea, and I was get to go.

After receiving my daily email from Digital Photography School yesterday, which included 124 blogger/photographers with their 10 best shots of 2009, I decided to look mine over. Pointless really--too many to look at, and I like different ones depending on my mood that day. I got through about May and gave up. Say, if you remember any you especially liked (I know, that's asking a lot!), remind me, will you?

For Christmas Jonathan gave me subscriptions to two photography magazines. Two issues arrived in today's post which means right about now I think I'll just go get educated. Of course, there is the matter of around 80 prints on the dining room table to be signed....

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