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Vomiting on Myself in the First Class Cabin

Our trip got off to a bit of a rocky start.

Actually, that is an understatement if ever there were one.

Most of you know that with a job requiring constant travel, airline miles are one of the perks, allowing us to fly first class on most occasions, and most definitely on trips to England. So far, so good.

Seated in seats 3B & C, we took off from Atlanta at 11:30PM. Normally that is way past our bedtimes, and it is most assuredly a time when we never eat, so maybe that's where the problems began. Not only do the seats lay nearly flat, but they serve you a lot of food and drinks, beginning with champagne when you sit down, followed by about four courses, along with pretty much all the wine you can drink. Usually I go with the flow, as it were, eating and drinking with the best of them. This time, I mostly picked at my food, which ultimately turned out to be a good thing.

Food service finally over, I laid the seat down, my head on the pillow, I covered myself with the provided comforter. Except, after a bit, I started to get hot. Removing my socks and sweater, I hoped that would do it. It did not. Feeling agitated, I rose from my seat, stumbling the few seats forward to ask where the bathroom was located. By now, I was so hot, and I told the flight attendant I was going to faint. Trying to find the empty seat nearby to fall into, instead I landed on the floor, immediately vomiting all over my LAP and the carpet. I begged for a cold washcloth, and bless their hearts, they gave me a hot one. By now, they had woken Bruce, telling him his wife was very sick. God bless that man. He jumped up, coming to me saying "Darling, are you alright?" Eventually he was able to stand me up, walk me to the bathroom, where I waited for him to bring me all new CLOTHES! Stuffing them in a plastic bag, he found room in his backpack to store them. Does this sound horrible to you? It should because it was one of the WORST experiences I've ever been through.

The good news is that it all had to go uphill from there, and it did. Oh yeah, except for when we finally arrived at our tube stop, heading out into the streets, me dragging like nobodies business, and it began raining which turned into hail!! Hail!

Two weeks away from a blog is like a lifetime in the blogging world, but in the coming days I'll try to give you a sense of what it was like. Of course, after reading the above paragraphs, you may be thinking you've heard enough.....

Today, as I'm still pretty tired, I'll share a few photos that I think turned out pretty well, in no particular order, and with minimal explanation.

Shall we start with the main event? Of course we will!
Biodegradable confetti no less. A handsomer couple could not be found anywhere.

The grooms lovely parents, listening intently to their new son-in-law:
Yours truly, with her happy, happy son:
It must be noted that I looked like a loud American amongst all the more conservatively dressed British folks.

A surprise finding before the theater, one of my favorite street artists, Stik:
Mr. Wonderful in a pedestrian subway on our way to the terrific National Railway Museum.
Edinburgh was cold, rainy, and foggy most all of our stay, especially after dark:
If you're like me, and have read many a novel with a mention of hedgerows, well, here you go:
All that rain in Edinburgh produces the greenest grass you've ever seen:
There are few things more aesthetically pleasing than a gorgeous wooden staircase:
The flowers, oh my gosh!
The shop windows, oh my gosh!
I'll be back tomorrow when I've had a full night of sleep. We are doing our best to move back onto EST, however, after a long, long day traveling yesterday, stretching into today, I'm not thinking clearly enough to say much more.

Until tomorrow....
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