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Just when I was becoming accustomed to Bruce being around the house most of the time, he's working again. Make that, sort of. Dana has all kinds of projects for him to do at Church Street where he spent the first three days of this past week. That said, during our last day trip to the seaside, he promised me we could go once a week, and so we did just that on Thursday.
It is not often that we would make the drive to Playalinda Beach, but I was looking for some unspoiled beauty which is what you will find at Canaveral National Seashore. According to this, there are 24 miles of beach on the barrier island with no commercial development at all. Nice!

Earlier in the week, maybe Tuesday and Wednesday, what was to become Hurricane Arthur was 90 miles off this coastline, traveling North, leaving behind some pretty big surf.
Crashing into waves, and riding them to shore is one of my favorite beach activities, so after setting up,
I could not wait to get in. Except, because it had been awhile since last I engaged in said activities, I was taken aback, and I mean that literally by the strength of the waves. My head snapped back pretty good, well not good, as it hurt like the dickens, following my first crash into the waves. Plus, they were so strong no matter what standing position we were in, down we went! Then we got back up again, and did it again! Bruce making his way to shore.
Thursday's beach visit could not have been any more different than the one to Cocoa when it was overcast and calm, allowing us to walk out nearly as far as the end of the pier! Plus, it was super sunny, which does not bode well for Mr. Bruce in spite of an umbrella!
It's a darn good thing we didn't stay for too long because by the evening my knees felt like I'd been in a fight, which come to think of it, I was!

Friday was yard day, with Bruce doing the finesse work, while I did the mowing. Afterwards I fertilized everything, and while doing so, there were butterflies floating around the garden area.
I love seeing Swallotails, however, what I wish I could show you is the one that got away. Never before, had I seen, this beautiful little brown, purple, and orange butterfly that floated just in front of me! Naturally, by the time I went in for my camera, it was nowhere to be found.

The Fourth of July means parties, and we went to two of them. The afternoon found us partying with the Lake Pineloch gang, followed by the evening at our new neighbor's house just down the street. A young couple with a new baby, they had folks from the cul-de-sac over for food, and fireworks, on their dock.
Folks on the other side of Lake Gem Mary were going bigger with their fireworks! We returned home in time to watch the PBS Capitol Special  which had more fireworks than I've ever seen. My goodness!

Then it was Saturday which means working over at Bill's house. Or at least it does in our current schedule. A very productive day was had by all, but mostly Bruce, with me assisting. So, here's the before shot....
And here's the after...
As you can see from the before shot, it takes quite a lot of planning and equipment to make it happen. Moving around to the front,
and here we have the big reveal...
Honestly, it is so satisfying to see the transformation of what was once a big pink house! Bill mentioned yesterday how when he looks at the photos from just a few months ago, he must have had blinders on, because man was it ugly! When he bought the house, the remaining plants reached as tall as the windows, however, he promptly cut them down. Before long there WILL BE new landscaping, as well as something to camouflage that eyesore of a pump. If you look closely, you will see Bruce's green shirt. What is he doing, you ask? Well, he's digging a trench to put a drain in. As time wore on, he got so hot, I was begging him to stop, however, he said it was on his schedule. and he does love a schedule. Meanwhile, Mrs. Camera Crazy began pressure washing the driveway, with Bill taking over about halfway down. Photographic evidence of just how grungy it was!
Actually a big fat storm came along before we could finish, but we will finish, oh yes we will!

Although the sky looks clear as can be as I type, I'm preparing myself for a shortened market, but, I hope, not before this order is picked up...
Can you even believe how lucky I am having a husband who can make this all happen? I can't, and I've been married to him for nearly 41 years!
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