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A Cold Snap in Early November?

Who, pray tell, around these parts can last remember the temperature dropping below 50 degrees on the first of November? Certainly not I. In spite of my cold weather predictions (see acorn drop references), I sure didn't see this coming! It was nice though--a welcome break from the relentless heat and humidity.

I bought something else at the estate sale that I did not want to show off before I knew how it would wash up; I'm happy to reveal this adorable, and well made, blouse purchased for maybe 50 cents.
I found it stuffed in a box mostly filled with fabric, and the little Spanish galleon print was more than I could resist. Or, maybe they are called Clipper ships; whatever the technical name, they are both cute and unusual, a winning combination in my book.

So, after a thorough cleaning, followed by a long spell in the gorgeous sunshine, I ironed the blouse, and while doing so, I came across two tags, one from the manufacturer, and one from the shop where it was purchased in Key West. Although I could find nothing about Hermans in Key West, I did find a little bit about the McMullen company based in Glens Falls, New York. Or so it was for about 90 years. From my research I discovered that the tags changed through the decades, and the one in this adorable blouse is from the 50's. Do I ever love a good recycling. This blouse has taken quite a journey to reside in my closet, but the quality is such you would never know it! Had the temperature been a bit higher I would have surely worn it already.

As discussed in the past, once you start looking for one thing online, it generally leads to more, and in my case, it led me to some articles about Jordan Marsh. I hope you're not tired of hearing about JM because I'm not tired of writing about it.  This amazing article, written by Jean Patteson, who by the way, wrote the lovely obituary on Bruce's mom, details what JM meant to Orlando. Young people will find it incredible that the escalators were one of the main attractions, with JM hiring--get this--Eastern Airline pilots, and stewardesses to assist people on opening day!!! Then too, I was registered for my wedding at JM, AND I always bought my white stockings there while in x-ray school--a huge expense as they were constantly running! You'd have to be of a certain age to remember when the hospital was filled with people wearing only white.  Jordan Marsh back in the day...another amazing article about the store in Miami, complete with their own swimming pool!

All this to say that the older one gets the more the past is on one's mind. Of course some people reading this blog do not live in a city that has undergone the drastic changes that Orlando has seen in my adulthood, making it hard to relate, but believe me when I tell you that is as different as night and day. Some is in a good way, some not so much. C'est la vie!

Allrighty then, putting the past aside, let's talk a minute about Halloween. Four children came to our home, two from some other neighborhood, and two boys belonging to our former longtime neighbors, Chuck and Zoila. I got the biggest laugh when Bruce, ever the optimist on Halloween, told the first two boys, "only one candy bar," thinking we might run out. I'm still chuckling about that.

In no particular order, here's a few things that have never before appeared on the pages of Camera Crazy....
Absolutely no clue what this pink bunny stands for on the shores of Lake Como. Appearing a few months ago, I finally stopped to take a photograph. Although the Cypress trees rimming the shore line, are showing some fall color, I've seen other Cypress trees with all new needles.  What to make of it, I do not know.

Cheryle and I took a nice bike ride the other morning, heading into Harbor Island, a nearby collection of fantastic homes on the shores of Lake Conway. Let's just say that she might be even bolder than I am when it comes to going on people's property! In this instance we were admiring a fantastic front yard filled with tropical plants including one of the nicest Traveler's Palms that I've ever seen.
Then again, it might be a White Bird of Paradise Palm.....anyway, stunning!

While visiting Maureen the other morning, as we stood in her driveway, she showed me the fallen Drake Elm leaves which proved to be very interesting. When was the last time you saw little leaves on both sides of a stem?
I laid them side by side to show off this cool phenomenon.

Bruce was kind enough to make little fall wreaths for our doors after his wife, full of ideas, but a poor implementer, brought home the materials.
How it looks on the blue door is subject to individual tastes.

Speaking of orange, these are super cool blooms that you see everywhere right now.
Not in my yard, but plenty of other folks have them. I do, however, have more than my fair share of squirrels.

I heard an advertisement on NPR the other day for a mini series on HBO, called "Olive Kittredge" featuring Frances McDormand as Olive. I immediately called Cheryle, insisting she should watch it because she not only has HBO, but I felt sure she would like it. Having read the book in 2009, I wrote about it in this post. "Why not come over and watch it with me?" she asked. Don't mind if I do, and I'll bring my husband along too.  It is little wonder I could remember little of the plot, only that I loved it. So, so great having a searchable blog to find out what I thought in real time.

In that same post, I wrote about hearing from a long time friend who I'd not seen in ages. She emailed me telling me her son found my blog---that would be you Karen!!! She's been a faithful reader ever since, God bless her.

Sunday was a day off for us, the market was closed for the Fall Fiesta in the Park which I'm thrilled I had no part of as Saturday the winds were 25mph, not to mention chilly, chilly, chilly. Sunday, the winds died down, however, the temperature stayed mighty chilly for a Floridian. We went to see a movie instead. More on that later.

Finally, guess what size that blouse is? Size 12!! If ever there were a case for how vanity sizing has permeated clothing, this would be it. :)
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