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Variety Show

While Bill and I were chatting last week, he asked when I was returning to the market to which I replied, I'm not quite sure if I will be going back. Surprised, he followed his earlier question by asking if I was going to stop taking pictures. "Not on your life!" At present, I may not be selling, but that does not mean I have quit seeing! Let's have a look now at some taken this week because I seriously can't help myself!

Who could resist capturing the sunlight/shadows on this house adjacent to the dry cleaners? Not to mention it is framed by a blooming Golden Rain Tree.
Yes, it is that time of the year when the trees are filling the skies with their brilliant yellow blooms.
I adore seeing them everywhere, made even more resplendent against a brilliant blue sky on a sunny day, of which we've had plenty this week. Hallelujah! For a few days I had the windows open, however, later in the week, the humidity got to be a little too much. Maybe a week from now I will open them, and they will stay that way for months? I sure hope so!

Driving to Leu Gardens on Monday, I took a street running parallel with Mills Avenue and came across this scene which left me wondering who are the people who have four classic cars parked like this in front of a building which is not a business? Not quite sure what it is, but it is fun to speculate.
That would be a Porsche on the left, a Ferrari, a Jaguar and finally a Riley. Never heard of a Riley? Me neither, but this link provides some information, however, this link is better, explaining that it was a British pedal cycling (!) company before making automobiles. Speaking of bicycles, I was super sad the other day when, while riding along Pershing I noticed that I'd lost my daisy! People think I'm observant, but where and how I lost it is a mystery to me. Maybe I'm losing my skills?

A few blocks from the car scene I saw this super cool dumpster.
At one time this image would have been a complete fabrication, however, these days I see nail polish in turquoise, and every other color of the rainbow! In fact, Tina, the nail girl I visited yesterday was wearing baby blue on her toes.
Wondering what she's doing in the photograph? Well, my big toe has either a plantar's wart, or something in it. Saturday Bruce, using a needle and tweezers, spent about twenty minutes poking around; Tina spent about twenty seconds, announcing there was nothing in it, or something to that effect. At times her English is just fine; other times, I've not got a clue what she says.

Back to the Leu Gardens trip on the free day, first Monday of every month, the roses were not only spectacular but oh so fragrant as well!
I've mentioned this before, but every visit I am newly amazed at the sheer number of Moms and their little ones. The sidewalks are clogged with strollers, and more often than not, they are empty as the children are running around. During my last visit the deck bordering the lake was closed, however, it is now open and brand new. These children were making use of the deck, running here and there. I overheard the Moms saying they were both sets of twins. Is that redundant? Can't decide.
Try as I might I can't recall the name of the girl twin in the striped dress, however, her brother in the red shirt is named ROMEO!! What are they thinking? For the record I was not eavesdropping, they just were talking loud. While some children were mostly running around, others were peering into the water at these guys.
There are loads of plants and trees in bloom at the gardens, none more interesting than this one.
Can you believe it....Indigoferia tincotria is the proper name. No, I did not remember it, I had to photograph the sign hidden below! Anyway, turns out this plant was the original source of indigo dye. 

Today's title suggested this post would be full of variety, and I've yet to disappoint you on that score, have I?

I also told you I was becoming obsessed with the horses...
Lest you think I'm entirely crazy, one reason for documenting them regularly is to see how this field changes now that the incessant rain has mostly stopped. Or, maybe we'll get a freeze this year? It's been quite some time since that happened...we are probably due.

Here's a change I can get excited about!! It must have been Monday, or maybe Tuesday, that I saw a truck with fencing arriving and two ideas came to mind. Either the fencing was going up to keep junk out, or maybe, just maybe, it was coming done.
Well, sure enough it was the later thought!
Will the corner once again be lovely? I sure hope so!

Finally, the calendar says it is fall, and along with dropping temperatures, well, just below 90 degrees, there are some Cyprus trees beginning to show their orange side.
This is along the shores of Lake Davis which is filled to the brim.

Mr. Peck is just about to board his plane to come home! We learned yesterday that the President of the company is delaying the opening for two days, so instead of Wednesday, the restaurant will open on Friday of next week. Why did I do that? You can do the math! Anyway, the good news is that it is not the construction causing the delay, but not quite enough staff for the "front of the house" as they say in restaurant lingo. Although this is the first time ever that construction has been completed on time, Bruce has made me swear I will not brag on him when I meet everyone at the opening party. Stopping short of swearing to that, I promised to do my best. I'll let you know how that goes...

Happy weekend to you,

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