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A Very Warm Christmas Eve

Getting sick of me writing about the heat? We are sick of living it! The AC went back on a few days ago as the temperature rose to 84 degrees, and the humidity, well, who knows how high it was, but when you can hardly get your cookies off the counter, it is way too high!

I've only baked one batch this year, which is unlike me, but with few folks in the house to eat them, they will go to waste. I almost managed to bake a perfect batch that is if you don't count the ones that were slightly overcooked. :)
In order to put the photos in my blog posts, I have to upload them into an album that I label with each month. I see that this month began with another baking shot, however, it was with my thin rolling pin that I was so pleased with. Not so fast....didn't work worth a damn on the cookies, rolling them way too thin, adding to my difficulties. The moral of the story is, that it is good to have both a thick one, and a thin one if you like to bake!

No doubt you will be sad, as are we, that Corrine's daughter came to take her home to Alabama. She seems to be a lovely woman, whom I only just met two days ago, as she has visited her Mom but twice in the fourteen years she has lived here with Herb. That made me a little nervous before meeting her, but my fears were allayed during the two days she was here. Bruce and I took some cookies over for their long drive home, and while we were there, Corrine got a call from her house cleaner to say goodbye.
On the other hand, you will be happy to learn that she broke not a thing during her fall, and in her Southern drawl, she is doing "pretty good." It is with great sadness that this chapter in our lives is over. :(

I got out on my bicycle the other morning, and as always there are Christmas displays worth sharing, including this one that I'm thinking is a Florida thing.
It was junk city in front of the house where I took this, but I thought the little Santas were pretty cute.
A second sighting of one of these old fashioned trees was nice.
And then there is the pirate ship I saw yesterday morning...had to go back in the evening to see how it looked lit up.
And just when you think you've seen it all as to Christmas tie-ins, here is a dinosaur with a moving head no less!
What, pray tell, will they think of next?

Buying gifts for folks is always a challenge...what to get, what to get? Well, it sure helps when folks know you have a penchant for something, and in my case I needn't tell you that would be birds because you guessed it already didn't you? Matt brought me home a darling little red and white felt bird for the tree...
while Pat gave me an amazing owl ornament...
Aren't they super? By the way, my tiny tree has been deemed a success, in spite of its stature. Plus, the presents surrounding them look even more ample.
In spite of mailing quite a few, there seems to be more presents than normal, spilling over onto the fireplace which surely will see no action this Christmas.

So what have we been doing while not eating or sleeping? Shopping, but not for Christmas gifts. Tom and Matt love to visit food stores and we've done our fair share of that, including a Costco run.
But not before we looked high and low for some freeze dried coffee. Ever since we visited the UK a couple of years ago, and learned of such a miracle product, we've found some at our local Publix and the neighborhood Walmart store. Except they both quit carrying it, and the jar was completely empty. After four different stores we finally found some in the Spanish grocery store, well it is from Miami, Sedona, housed in a former Albertsons. They had some serious can displays.
More importantly they had the product we were searching for and at a bargain price I might add. Two jars should last for a while, or so we hope!

I hear Bruce coming in from doing the unthinkable...mowing the lawn on Christmas Eve! It just will not quit growing in this heat. Of course, it is like that everywhere isn't it? Our London lads tell me the daffodils are coming up in the city parks. Remarkable! I read in today's paper that heat records will be broken in Florida this year but you knew that already if you've been reading Camera Crazy this year. And thank you for doing so I humbly add.

Finally, the paper has also joked about it being a white Christmas here and that would be the sand kind...taken last week at Ponce Inlet.

Merry Christmas my friends,


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