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Bang Stories, and a Finished Quilt

In spite of me writing that my Mother said I should never wear bangs, there is new evidence to the contrary sent to me by Nancy.....
I had them in the above photo, taken in Buffalo...that's me on the left of my Mother. Carol, too, is wearing a jumpsuit, albeit one that seems as if she needed a diaper change. :)

Then too, when we moved to Florida, I was sporting some bangs....
Again, I am on the left in front. Nancy has grown a bit, held, of course by our Mother who sure looks pretty glam for a woman who has had five children already! She went on to have a sixth, although Lord knows why because she  certainly was not suited to such a big family, and that is a fact.

After reading my last post, both sister Nancy and sister Maureen called with bang stories. Maureen claimed that Carol and I cut each other's bangs, and the photo above sure looks like it! Nancy recalled that our Father cut our hair and did not do a very good job of it. I will have to accept these memories as fact because I recall virtually nothing. Sad, but true.

That said, in all of my school pictures I'm either wearing a headband, or my hair is behind my ear, so that validates some of what I had to say earlier! Someone must have convinced my Father that he was not to touch our hair anymore! I only wish I had the photos my sisters batch is so puny, with hardly any of the rest of the family, and those are the ones that interest me the most.

Our weather has been up and down lately; the other morning I set out on my bicycle under a very gray and chilly sky. A big flock of birds huddled in Lake Pineloch. Stopping to take this photograph, it began raining; fortunately there was a big tree I could shelter under. My camera went around my neck and inside my jacket!
David and Michelle live in one of the barely visible buildings across the lake. This chilly weather suits my friend Angela just fine. We had a nice visit on Friday afternoon. Guess what was happening when I arrived? Her friend Cindy was over and they were making some curtain panels for a charity pregnancy clinic!
Angela is doing okay--good and bad days--just what you would expect. I only wish she would eat a little more as she is mighty thin.

I finished the quilting on Friday, attached the binding, and all that was left was hand sewing the binding onto the back side. Saturday morning was a perfect time to do so as it was cold and gray. Plus, Bruce had to go to the job sight, so I sat there for way too long in my long robe, sewing away. While doing so I watched the Glen Campbell documentary on Netflix, and let me tell you, it is good. What is extraordinary is his ability to play guitar like nobodies business even when he no longer recognizes his family. The brain is a mystery isn't it?

So, here is a look at the finished quilt....
the back is entirely different due more to necessity than artistry!
The sun finally shone late in the day...what you are seeing is the sun on the top half, while the bottom half is in shadow. I've got one more simple one in the works for the Linus project, and then I might just make something for us!

We had a fire going Saturday afternoon. Doesn't it looks pretty in the "new" fireplace?
Do you see what I see below?
That would be DUST on them there shelves! I needed to actually use some of the shelving for sewing supplies which forced me to finally DUST them! Looks much better now.

While having my hair cut last week, Monica told me about another Asian street food place situated in the midst of a big stretch of Asian businesses on Colonial Drive. She said it was nice to look at, and she was right. We saw it for ourselves after church on Sunday.
The simple decor was perfect and the food was yummy too. The owners are Malaysian, so I suppose there is an emphasis on that cuisine? I figured we would like it just because I like the font they used for signage.
Mamak...give it a try if you live around here. I used to buy my work uniforms from the place you see pictured a few doors down. Whenever I began to miss working, I remembered how sick I was of wearing uniforms and that little nag went right away!

Following lunch we drove out to Costco to get the glasses and I'm not clear if I can get used to them. It is complicated...

Today was Days for Girls, which I'll show you in my next post.

My goodness, it is time to think of something for dinner.


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