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Two Inches and Then Some

The swimming pool runneth over following an all night rain Tuesday night. It is still softly raining, which is so unusual for this time of year. Enough already!!

Bruce is in Vancouver for some meetings and apparently the weather there is not too dissimilar. Chilly, rainy and overcast. Please come back to us Mr. Sun.

Speaking of the sun, I was remiss in my last post for not mentioning Cheryle's big Thursday night showing at the Avalon Gallery downtown. Her very first gallery showing in Orlando at one of the most prestigious places in our area to show art. Arriving early, no being fashionably late for this girl, the sun was setting over downtown, prompting me to pull over to take a few shots.
The little pin dots of white are cars heading into downtown during the evening commute.
Although they don't work downtown, both Bill and Dave work for Sun Trust, the tallest building pictured. Speaking of their work, I am so proud of Mr. Bill for finishing the year as #3 in the whole company at his position. As has been brought up before, he was my most challenging teenager, and it is such a good feeling, as a Mom, to see how he got past all that teenage angst to make a good life. :)

So, here is the gallery:
Don't actually know why that last piece is leaning...hope they've straightened it up by now. Cheryle (in the red) is chatting up Bunker and Cathy.
I am so, so, proud of her. While on the topic of art, I rarely get any emails of significance anymore, however, one that Central Floridians will be interested in is the one from the chairman of the Maitland Spring Art Festival stating that they are canceling the show due to lack of interest! I can't say as I blame the artists because there are so many, many, shows, and the only time I did that one, the attendance was spotty at best. The buyers, mostly nonexistent.

Monday morning, bright and early, well not really so early, but anyway, when I pulled up the women were waiting for the doors to open.
Look...we do have occasional blue skies!! A big group of us got right down to sewing following instructions from our leader, Sharleen. I worked on topstitching the shields and pockets for the shields. It has been fun getting to know the ladies. Susan, pictured in the front, is a former elementary school teacher who was thrilled to retire. Floridians will undoubtedly understand her frustration with how the school system is functioning of late.
Also available were some photographic prints showing the delivery of the kits to Malawi. On the back of the photo it says, "from your hands to their hands, 8,328 miles away." How great is that? And how amazing that the need has been identified.

Just before leaving I got a text from Pam requesting a consultation--I replied, I'll stop by on my way home. Discussing where exactly to cut apart the nine patch block she is making, we sorted it all out. Ready to get home to my honey I hopped in the car, turned the key and nothing. Nada. Fortunately, Glenn was just then coming down the street having left work early because he was not feeling so well. He had a slow charger which he attached to my battery, and there my car sat, all night long. Thank goodness for both friends, and the car dying in their driveway!
In the morning, after taking Bruce to the airport, I rode my bike over, rolled it into the back of the Pilot, and off I went in search of a new battery. Pep Boys had one in stock; bonus points for being super close. The waiting area was clean, but grim.
I think the funniest part of the picture above is that little yellow tree air freshener. The water fountain was held together by clear duct tape. Yeesh! The good news is that it took no time at all to put in the new battery, and before I knew it, I was on my way to the grocery store. My grocery shopping has been so spotty and disorganized of late that one of the things I needed was plain salt. Who runs out of salt???

Back home, I started work on another quilt for Project Linus. Using a mix of new and estate sale fabrics, I used a super simple design on this little quilt. I also used, and have been using, my seam ripper way more than I can ever remember!
On some blog I read the author called using a seam ripper, reverse sewing. Yup. The plaid in the front is from the estate sale and one thing I notice about old fabrics is the tiny selvage and name of the manufacturer. Today, instead of that tiny "Hi Fashion Fabrics..." they use large print, causing you to waste precious fabric. While at Wandering Stitches the other day, I saw some batik fabric for $13.50 a yard which is not anything you want to waste, for sure.

Because it was so simple, I had it done in no time and was ready to do the hand sewing, except I had no purple thread. Hmmm....none in Mom Peck's sewing box, but alas, I found some in Grandma Loveland's sewing box!
Sitting myself down in the living room, I turned on Netflix to find a documentary, and did I ever find a doozy...Best of Enemies.

Pretty amazing stuff.

And then it was done.
Now, onto something for us....

Awaiting inspiration for my next project,


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