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The Weather Continues To Be Mild

Year after year, about this time, we seem shocked that the winter has been so mild, however, according to my blog, having a cold winter is the one that is out of the ordinary. Of course, that only covers ten winters, but the trend seems established. About six years ago it was cold, as in numbers of days with freezing temperatures, causing us all to freak out. It is good to remember that the reason Florida is now so populous is the result of two things: air conditioning for the long hot summers, and warm winters. Low taxes don't hurt. :)

So, what that all means is that there are flowers in bloom! Now I'm no super gardener, but I do like flowers, and try to grow them with varying degrees of success. Incredibly, this little beauty bloomed, making me very happy indeed.
The other morning I went on the hunt for an eagle sighting only to see no eagles, but take a look at what I did see!
I so hope you are reading this on a largish screen, probably not, but in case you are, enlarging photos is always an option by clicking on them. I mention that because this one is worth seeing big if possible. Of course, I'm assuming you are interested in seeing Red Shouldered Hawks when that may or may not be true. In fact, you know what they say about assumptions.

The hawks were flying this way and that, screeching, and in general making their presence known, causing me to ride very slowly, stopping every now and again. While stopped in front of one house a young Mother and her son were outside and began chatting, asking what did I see? She ended up taking a phone call while her adorable son and I chatted and looked for owls in their big trees which she claims she hears all of the time. I told her to expect a return visit from me!
He was just as cute as he could be, reminding me of some towheaded boys I once knew. He had on two different socks, as well as his shoes on the wrong feet. At three years old, he can do that sort of thing and get away with it!
His hair was crazy, as was mine, having slept on it wet, which I suspect he did as well. After I left I thought Susan must have thought I was pretty crazy myself what with my wild hair!

Let's talk a little about cooking, a subject that gets short shrift most days. While Bruce was in Plano, I made some polenta with rosemary and fresno peppers; way more than I could finish. This was a first for me--I piled it all into a little loaf pan, and here is what I did with it when he returned. Black and white because the light on my stove is too orange!
Next I fried it in butter, using my fantastic ceramic pan. In the past I've done it in my All Clad frying pan, and it never failed to stick big time.
I told you the light was orange! Such a yummy and simple little treat. Or maybe you never make Polenta, and if that is the case, try it sometime and I think you will like it.
That would be cabbage, another favorite and easy as can be to cook in the microwave in a pie plate with a smidge of water. Yum yum!

Should you ever wonder what Bruce does at his computer most days, I give you this notebook of nearly 500 pages of documentation for the owners of the Mall at Millenia, who actually live in Michigan. Just one aspect of a very, very, demanding job.
Beginning in October, when the utility bill would arrive I noticed the water bill going up, making no sense to me, so I called OUC, our utility company. She convinced me it was not out of the ordinary. Opening the bill today I told Bruce, we must have a leak because this is plain crazy, more like a bill in the heat of the summer rather than one during a mild winter. Because this happened in May of 2014, (having a blog to keep track of things is the best!), I said, honey, you need to check the water meter connection. Although we've been steadily mowing the yard, I hadn't noticed that the grass had completely grown over the top of the water meter. What with the huge leak we discovered once the top was removed, it is no wonder the grass had gone crazy.
While cutting the grass away, there was an unintended consequence...
Ha ha...can't charge us for water now! No, seriously, I called OUC to tell them Bruce cut the wire, and they claimed someone would be out before days end, however, it is nearly dark now, so I'm not holding my breath. Bruce dug out all of the dirt around it...
Can you believe how green that grass is? Anyway, he did the digging but, unlike last time, he is having Herbert fix it, and God bless him, he is here now. Such a good guy that Herbert.

Last evening, about this time, we joined Bill and Roxanne at the Citrus Club as their guests and a fun time was had by all. Although I was captivated by the sunset, wow, the traffic on the major roads, 18 floors below was quite the sight as well.
That would be the Amway Arena where the Magic play, and the two distant lights behind the arena are from the Camping World Stadium, where the Pro Bowl is being held this Sunday. Don't get me started on that name!

Finally, I finished the quilt I was working on, the one I claimed was sort of Frank Lloyd Wrightish.
So I wrote finally, but there's just one more thing that is too funny to keep to myself. I don't know about you but generally when I can't find something I just quit looking, thinking that I will find it when I least expect it. And that is just what happened with the wall calendar I'd had made for myself back in early November. Getting my box of note cards down to write a sympathy note, there it was beneath the box except does something look a little off to you?
How in the heaven's name the one on the right is 2016 is beyond me. I've been making calendars for years now and this is a new one for sure. I never even looked at it when it arrived back in November! That will teach me.

Yours truly,

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