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The Lay of the Land

It occurred to me that you might find a map of Vancouver a handy reference while reading Camera Crazy, giving you a notion of where we are in the city. Am I right about that?
Do you see the X on the map adjacent to the Granville St. Bridge near the bottom of the map? That's us. Now you better understand the bridges as well as the parks. That map is a bit well worn already isn't it? Which is why I walked over to the Tourism Bureau yesterday to pick up a new one. Many of you have been to Vancouver while on an Alaskan cruise, whereas most of you have not. The X just below "where" is the cruise port and Canada Place, a beautiful spot if ever there were one. I took the image below to not only show another water fountain, but also point out that the mountains were shrouded in smoke again yesterday, apparently due to a wildfire in Washington State.
Bruce's office is located in between Chinatown and Gastown, walking distance if need be. That said, he'd rather drive, …

Something New Most Days

Pam called the other morning and it was so good to hear her voice. She'd recently returned from her 50th high school reunion, spending time there talking to her friend Siri. Yup. You read that right. She went to high school with Siri! Crazy, right? Should you be curious about it, Pam tells me she is very humble and down to earth in spite of being the voice people turn to all over the world. :)

Our conversation was rambling, while I was ambling, beginning along this stretch of the sea wall.
That would be the Burrard Street bridge which is but four blocks from the Granville Street bridge. That explains why you've seen two bridges in my sunset photos.

We kept talking, and I kept walking, by now on Beach Avenue which is the street we live on. By golly, I'd made it all the way through the West End with her company, coming across this crazy sculpture grouping.
Because we were talking I did not stop to read the description, an activity for another time now that I know I can fairl…

Out & About Photography

An email arrived this morning from the state of Florida informing me that my business name will expire on my birthday at the end of this year. Apparently, a fictitious name has a five year life span, unless, of course you pay the $50 fee to renew it. Little do they know my business has been defunct for nearly two years! Wow...two years. How time flies.

Before I go a minute further, and I suspect this may be a recurring theme in this space, last night's sunset was absolutely gorgeous! So much so, even Bruce remarked on it, and that is saying a lot.
Just think, only two weeks ago when the smoke was so thick, the same view looked like this.
Is it any wonder I had no idea there were so many mountains out there?

So, I may no longer have an official business name, but as you well know, I am still "out & about" taking photographs. More than anyone really should, perhaps, but it gives me great pleasure, so I keep snapping away.

There was certainly a lot of hoopla over the so…