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An Anniversary Weekend

Some of you probably know that Friday was our 44th wedding anniversary. Never ones to go hog wild on the date, however, we do like to celebrate in a quiet fashion. Maybe it is because we just always assumed that our marriage would last until "death do us part"? In any case, I bought Bruce a little candy box from Nordstrom, and although he tried to purchase something for me at a sewing shop, they would not take his AmEx, so perhaps another time. He went to work and I went on some errands. In such a crazy coincidence, while on Davie Street, a florist had flowers all along the sidewalk in front of her shop. Just when I had six Gerbera daisies in my hand, my phone rang.
Much to my surprise and delight, it was a florist saying he had a delivery for us!! I raced home, well make that I walked as fast as I could, arriving minutes before he did. The florist was SO nice, handing me an open box with a gorgeous large orchid,
two plants in pots, AND he'd made another little bouquet, …

Mostly I Walk

Slowly, but surely, we are chipping away at the things we need to live here, not merely stay here. Every day something new is needed, so I've found myself walking all over the city, well at least the downtown area which is absolutely filled with water fountains, outside office towers, and in seemingly every park, of which there are many that I pass by during my errands, beginning with the park adjacent to the condo.
Those folks that let their dog off leash also love to let them play around in this fountain!

I'll be the first to admit that I underestimated this whole move to Vancouver thing. Matt urged me to bring some things that meant something to us, however, buying the condo and selling the house took so much of our time and energy that I did not fully prepare for this move. Although I brought my favorite potato peeler with me, I did not think to bring my beloved can opener, thus it took me three trips to Winners before I finally found an OXO.
The kitchen here has one, but …

At This Time of Year

At this time of year, there is a whole lot to love about Vancouver. Now that the smoke has cleared, seeing both the sea and mountains in one place is simply amazing. Not to mention that the temperature is comfortable, the city is easy to navigate, and the people friendly. Once you get over sticker shock, you've got it made.
Having a dog is like a conversation magnet, people have stories to tell and are eager to share them, whether the story is about their dog, how much they love Vancouver, where they are from and what they do for a living. I've met scads of folks so far, and I even remember some of their names, however, I can't remember the names of this darling old couple I met on maybe our second day in the condo. They were out for an amble and were happy to welcome me to Vancouver during our conversation. Amazingly enough, Sunday, while Bruce and I were recreating the walk I'd taken on Saturday, we ran into them and they remembered me, asking how we were getting set…