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A Bird's Eye View

While trudging home, oops make that walking, with my arms weighed down with yesterday's shopping haul, I began chatting with an older woman. Oh wait...I'm an older woman! Well, she was older than me so does that count?

Anyway, I learned she lived on the 15th floor of a high rise some blocks away, and when her elderly mom was visiting she asked her how she ever got anything done, what with the show down below. I can definitely relate to that, and I'm just getting started. There is just such a crazy amount to keep a person entertained, day and night, because the action never stops.

Not a whole lot happens, from what I see in this photo below which is maybe a good thing as there is so much stimulation in all other directions! This is the little grassy area I passed through to go to the pool which is located in the building at the top.
As I type, the traffic goes back and forth across the bridge, not to mention pedestrians as well. Below they are still working on the set up for the movie scene, and frankly, it is unreal how much effort goes into just one scene. After the clearing a few things began appearing in the lot.
Yesterday they put together the frame you see mounted on the big piece of equipment.
Note all the recycling containers on the left side of the remember those from the refuge room don't you? Further, that area is where Bruce goes in and out to his parking place. Do you know I've only been in the car twice in two weeks? Seems crazy!

I am mesmerized by the light reflecting off of the water onto these little buildings across the creek,
which I suspected might be homes, but now I know for sure they are. Adjacent to them you see the colorful ferries, taking folks up the creek,
and what I have also learned is there are two ferry companies, and for the most part, they are bitter rivals. False Creek Ferries and Aqua Bus. Fun learning the workings of a new place isn't it? If you can believe it, in as many days, two sets of people have asked me for directions, and I've been able to provide them!! Walking everywhere you go is good for that.

Yesterday morning, this was happening:
The tug boat pulled the barge full of concrete up the creek, turned it around and brought it back to the dock. I've seen it take it out to sea before, so I am somewhat puzzled as it looks full to me.
Before my previous trip to Vancouver, I looked into where I might find street art and saw the silos above which were transformed by twin brothers from Brazil into colorful and attractive silos. Ocean Concrete has been on the island since 1917, and they stay very busy, from what I can see from my bird's eye view. Construction everywhere here!

There are so many types of watercraft that I can hardly believe it. On any given day there are several dragon boats...
the aforementioned ferries, and even a pirate ship. Canoes, kayaks, paddle boats as well as boards, yachts, dinghies, speed boats, and jet skies. Lots of sail boats too!
Yesterday morning I thought I might be seeing a little clearing of the smoke, enough that I could see the shipping boats somewhat clearer.
Still hazy, but I could make out the red more clearly. Well, my friends, check out the difference a cold front can make! This shot was taken yesterday morning...
Woo hoo!! I did not even really know that there were mountains out there until this morning!!!
Looking back towards Granville Island, I can now see the planes heading into the airport which is behind all of what you see, about ten miles away!
One thing about me taking so many photographs in these early days is I must take advantage of dry conditions before the rain begins in the fall. From what I've been told, it is going to get mighty dreary in the coming months, so let's all take advantage of it while we can!

Bruce went to the office today and he called saying all of the downtown streets were closed, forcing him to improvise his route, successfully, I might add. Assuming it had something to do with the movie, I could not have been any more wrong. So down on ground level now, I went down to see how much things had changed since I took this from above.
Lots happening, that's for sure, in fact it was the running of a half marathon called Sea Wheeze. The 10,000 runners ran right through the movie set!
Those large pieces of what look like concrete chunks are actually made of styrofoam as we learned during our evening walk last night. So, you already know there were 10,000 runners, however, watching it live it seemingly look as if the runners went on forever, so I looked it up on Google. Thank God for Google!
They were entertained along the route by characters on stilts!
Now I know what all of the port-a-lets were for!
For a curious person, such as I, this is like heaven!!

When I'm not out on my balcony perch, I've told you I've been stocking the kitchen with more tools. I would be remiss if I did not mention that one tool I was so hoping would be here is, and that is a Santoku style knife which I really can't live without. But what I did not have was a rubber scraper, which I also cannot live without. Beth, a co-worker of Bruce's brought me a tiny care package including the spatula. I do love roaming around the streets, but there are times when I long for something familiar, in this case, I wanted to make the blueberry bread that we love. Unfortunately I did not bring any recipes with me, however, thanks to an old blog post, I could copy it down. Except, when it came time to make it, I realized I had no vanilla. I wanted to make it so bad, I promptly walked a mile to buy some! Here are the types of products I used, and what you might also find fascinating is that all labeling is in both English, and French. Now you know.
I cut in the butter with two knives, a first for me, as well as oiled the pan with olive oil, another first. Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say!
Earlier in the day I'd gone to "Winners", a Canadian version of Marshalls, finding both a loaf pan and a square baking pan to add to my kitchen arsenal. Brownies next?
I am also accustomed to using a cooling rack....I've learned the grate of a gas stove works just fine.

Further, I gave Baxter a bath as he had soaked his pad, and I've yet to find a groomer. The bathroom sink had to do, and the rug worked, after a toweling, for drying.
I still don't have a dedicated table for my sewing machine, but after walking to a fabric store located on the other side of the city,
I did a tiny bit of sewing, as in two cloth napkins because that is what we prefer. Interesting to note that the building we originally were to live in is the high rise pictured! That was a great space, we learned from our previous stay, but as to having the best view, this place wins that battle hands down!
Happily, I've now found ONE thing that is more affordable here than in the United States. Score!!

The wind has picked up, and the temperature has dropped, and I could not be any happier with that outcome as it has been fairly warm, not by Orlando standards, but keep in mind, with no air conditioning many places, and you will understand how we are feeling. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, so I'll be out and about this afternoon, waiting on Mr. Peck to return. The truth is, I have way more photos than I can ever post, but you can bet I'll be taking more anyway!

yours truly,

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