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An Anniversary Weekend

Some of you probably know that Friday was our 44th wedding anniversary. Never ones to go hog wild on the date, however, we do like to celebrate in a quiet fashion. Maybe it is because we just always assumed that our marriage would last until "death do us part"? In any case, I bought Bruce a little candy box from Nordstrom, and although he tried to purchase something for me at a sewing shop, they would not take his AmEx, so perhaps another time. He went to work and I went on some errands. In such a crazy coincidence, while on Davie Street, a florist had flowers all along the sidewalk in front of her shop. Just when I had six Gerbera daisies in my hand, my phone rang.
Much to my surprise and delight, it was a florist saying he had a delivery for us!! I raced home, well make that I walked as fast as I could, arriving minutes before he did. The florist was SO nice, handing me an open box with a gorgeous large orchid,
two plants in pots, AND he'd made another little bouquet, compliments of him! Matthew and Tom were kind enough to remember our special day! Although things are good here, it was so wonderful receiving an expression of love in our new environment. I teared up.

After leaving the flowers upstairs, I had just enough time to take Baxie downstairs before my 1:00 doctors appointment here.
It took literally 15 minutes for the minimal paperwork, the payment ($175!!), and the doctor to take my blood pressure and hand me a prescription for only three months. That's how it works in Canada.

That same afternoon, I realized I could see a snow capped mountain, looming large, in the distance.
I have since learned it is Mt. Baker, in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. Just when I think I've seen every activity anyone can do in the park, I had this fantastic surprise that same afternoon.
Bruce told the girls at work that he was thinking of dinner on Granville Island, and they suggested he take me to The Sandbar ,which turned out to be a fantastic suggestion. Practically under the bridge, not only was the setting fantastic, the company was perfect, and the food delicious.
We had some scrumptious spicy green beans to begin our meal.
I'm telling you, I was crazy for them! Bruce had this view when the sun went down. Those are the little ferry boats, shown bottom right, that we used to get across the water.
Saturday morning, while I did laundry and some cleaning, Bruce went to the office, enjoying the quiet to be found with few people around. I walked over to meet him, exploring a bit of Chinatown while I was waiting. You may be wondering about the photo below, well, I am wont to take photographs of irony, and there is that to be found here.
We made a successful trip to Costco!! With the car!! They charge tax on just about everything here, including our Costco membership. There is both a province tax, and what they call a government tax, adding up to 12%. If you buy a plastic bottle of orange juice they charge fees. From the looks of the area, they are using those taxes wisely. Once home, and our Costco run stuff put away, we took off again, this time on foot. Our mission was a haircut for Bruce. Asking at the office, Cam suggested that he go to Robson Barbers, Robson being the main shopping street in downtown. We walked in and the first thing I noticed is EVERYONE had dark hair. Bruce and I were the lone light haired folks.
When it came time to pay, in the only thing so far that we are not paying more for, I asked the proprietor about all the dark hair, learning that they are all family members; brothers, fathers, and cousins. Close to the office, Bruce will be back. So, that means, he has a barber now, and we have a groomer, dry cleaner, and a place to go if we get sick. Progress my friends. Oh wait...we also have a florist!

Every few blocks there is something to delight in; I especially wanted Bruce to see this place...
that I discovered last week. It is crazy awesome. Another day I'll show the exterior.

Onward we went to Hudson Bay, or now known as The Bay. Heading up to the sixth floor to find some new boots for Bruce, I asked about a "washroom," the term most frequently used here. It is true that I can find beauty in just about any place, and this bathroom was no exception. I suspect the ones on the lower floors have been updated, but for me, I love the personality found here.
Walking home, you never know what you will come across. Coming up to the intersection of Granville and Smithe Street, we saw so many young folks lined up, presumably for a show at the Vogue.
Before I go further, let me just say I am ever so grateful that there are Starbucks to be found on very many street corners. No, I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do love a clean bathroom! Turning left on Smithe, look at this line!
We were told by the folks at another venue across the street that they were lined up for a Japanese pop star. Who knows? Orderly, I'll say that much!

Friday, while walking to the doctor's office, I'd seen them setting up for something at the David Lam park which is about two blocks from us. Could we have any better location? I think not. Anyway, we went to see what it was all about, and in true Canadian form, it was orderly, and very well put together. Before we arrived, people were returning from a huge bike ride, called Our City. Live music, a beer garden, and food trucks. Plus fun stuff for kids...what's not to like?
Early Sunday morning I looked down on the movie set, mostly cleaned up on Saturday, except for the used car lot which has had me so puzzled. I ended up talking to one of the fellows when I went downstairs, and learned they were shooting the scenes before the "crash." So, here's what they use for some filming...the biggest drone I've ever seen.
Before long we began hearing a helicopter, so of course I had to see what that was all about. They had closed the bridge to regular traffic, staged cars at intervals, and yes, that is a camera mounted below the helicopter as well as one out front of the black car on the bridge. The big black thing is what is supposed to crash. You saw Ryan Reynolds laying on it last week. The crashed version, that is.
They did this twice, which probably annoyed the heck out the locals needing the bridge. But, as I was told by the guy on the set, Vancouver is Hollywood North, bringing in a lot of money for the city.

Now what? A Hari Krishna festival and parade was to occur at 11:30.
I tell you, there is just so much going on around here! For someone who spent the last year at her sewing machine, I am going crazy with all this activity. In a good way.

Following church, we went to a little spot seaside, close to the condo.
It has been quite the eye opener these last few weeks, watching the folks spending as much time outdoors as possible while the weather is good. We do it as well in Florida, just at another time of the year. Here's a new take on a bathroom door.

The water, clouds, boats, and mountains are such a beautiful diversion.
Some weekend, huh? Today I did the eclipse thing...another post for that, as there is so much I want to share and I know you are weary just reading this!

yours truly,


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