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People on the Move

So, what was I expecting pray tell? Actually I love it already; people in cars, buses, all manner of watercraft, bicycles, just plain walking, running, taxis, you name it, turns out they have places to go, and people to meet.

You will be happy to learn that I've officially met three women so far. Having a dog will do that for a person, especially when you are living adjacent to a park with loads and loads of dogs that basically have the run of the place. Not that they are supposed to, but one woman told me that the officials rarely come around so people take their chances letting their dogs off the leash. Don't you just bet they call themselves law abiding citizens, especially when it comes to obeying laws they like? 😀

The handy rug at the Pan Pacific reminded me that yesterday was Tuesday. For the record these are my new sparkly shoes from Nordstrom.
Trying on some black shoes in a similar style, I thought where's the fun in that? Bruce was not as enthusiastic as I was about my purchase. I will tell you they are wildly comfortable, which is really the most important criteria when you need a pair of walking type shoes.

We awoke quite early at the Pan Pacific to pack our suitcases one last time, or at least for the time being. Going downstairs early, I was greeted by a big red ball in the sky.
Although cruise ships dock on this side, it is definitely more the working part of the waterfront. Further, you might note the haziness in the sky which I'm thinking is coming from the wildfires in British Columbia, although I have not checked the local news, so don't quote me on that.  This is the more glamorous side of the waterfront.
The rooftop of the building on the right, more of the convention center, or so I think, is grass.

The bellman brought up the luggage cart and he and Bruce loaded it up; Baxter and I just stood around chatting with anyone who seemed responsive. Bringing the car up from the parking garage, they did the loading, and we drove the twelve blocks or so to the other side of the island, known as Yaletown. All of this, of course, is brand new to us, so each successful step is like a major milestone. Meeting with the concierge for the keys, parking the car in the designated spot, both smallish and our car neighbor has a brand new Aston-Martin, so that is kind of scary for Bruce. Done and done!

The key fobs are our lifeline into the building and accessing the twentieth floor of the elevator so God forbid I loose mine! Bruce had packed a little hand cart which he used to bring all of our stuff up to the condo. We did not bring much with us thinking we would just buy it in Canada. Little did we know it is crazy expensive here even with the exchange rate in our favor!
Everything is put away, and in one of my two trips to the "grocery store", I bought laundry soap so our two weeks worth of clothes are all now nice and clean. Thank God there is a washer and dryer in our space!

Baxter and I wasted no time in exploring the park next to us, and of course I was delighted to find lovely flowers almost as much as Baxter was delighted to find grass! He had done his business on all sorts of hard surfaces during our journey.
The Echinacea are some of the largest I've ever seen.
Lots of nice walkways as well.
Sitting on one of the park benches I took this photograph of the other side of the water which is called False Creek should you want to look at a map of Vancouver to better understand where we are. Anyway, I thought to myself that if two years ago, when last I visited this lovely city, someone told me that I would one day be living in one of the high rises, I would have told them they were crazy. Shows you how life takes funny turns, right? The pictured area is known as Granville Island, and I wrote about my visit in this post from April 2015. If you scroll down through the text and photograph, our building is the one behind the Canadian flag.
Our, don't you like how I used that term? Nonetheless, it is ours for a year, so there's that. Anyway, the seawall runs for, I don't know how long, at least extending into Stanley Park, right behind the building with lanes for both cyclists and pedestrians.
On my second trip to Choices Market, second because I could not carry any more the first time around, I found this, which really delighted me. Never in my life have I ever seen a product with my Mother's name (Anita) on it. Note the crazy high prices! I am seriously in sticker shock!
In that overused saying, "it is what it is!

Bruce did a little shopping himself at Staples, about six blocks away. On foot no less, something he said he'll have to get used to because parking is at a premium here. In his absence I opened the bottle of wine, and did what I could with both what I purchased, and the supplies at hand. Not a bad view, right?
It was a super simple meal because it will take me some time before I have a spice stash and other basics, however, Bruce claimed it was the best meal he'd had in two weeks. Any meal that includes broccoli is a winner in my book.

Here's a look down at the park and towards Yaletown.
Sitting on the balcony after taking Baxter downstairs, this happened.
While I was downstairs, I met Amy and her dog. For sure our son Matthew will enjoy reading this part, and I suspect others might as well. Amy works for a George Lucas subsidiary as a computer artist, or something like that, and she's working on the movie, A Wrinkle in Time! Her current part is giving the Reese Witherspoon character wings that the children sail on. Super nice young woman, who was equally as chatty as I am.

I told Bruce I wasn't sure if the view at night was even better than the daytime version.
The water you see on the far right is called English Bay, where tonight, the second part of the three part fireworks competition takes place. Hopefully I will be able to stay awake to walk along the sea wall to see it for myself, especially because tonight is the United Kingdom.

That big red ball appeared again in the sky this morning, however, all that I could see of it was the reflection on the buildings across the water and in the water.
The days are crazy long here, at least for now. Come November they are crazy short, so from one extreme to another.

Bruce went to the office today, and I've had two shopping excursions, this time to another market called Nesters, which, although expensive, not nearly as bad as Choices. Before heading to the office, Bruce went back out to Richmond to meet with a contractor, stopping at Wal Mart for toilet paper and the like before coming back over the bridge. I left Baxter in one of the bathrooms with his gate, as he is accustomed to at home, and as far as I know, he did just fine.

This morning Baxter and I met Zoey, along with her dog, Neo, at the park and she gave me some helpful tips which I will take from anyone kind enough to offer. I hope I run into her again...a fellow American.

Baxter is settling in quite nicely.
Observant folks will note the change in the sofa. Apparently, the cushion covers are at the dry cleaner so Bruce made do with one of the available throws. We slept well on the bed so that's a good thing. Imagine if we didn't?

yours truly,

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