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Mating Swans and More!

Well, well, well.

Generally I write about things in order, but since the title is so provocative, let us begin with the swan photos. Monday morning we took a walk around Lake Eola for fun. As most of you well know, I spent eight plus years there, selling photography at the Sunday market, taking hundreds of photos while there. Maybe thousands? Who knows? At any rate, never once did I see what we saw which began with a hunch as I noticed from afar, two swans swimming quite close together.
There was just something about them that caused me to wonder if they were a couple, and sure enough, as we drew closer, indeed, I was pretty certain that some sparks would soon begin to fly.
By the way, there are a number of photos of this event upcoming. Video probably would have been better. Anyway, it isn't everyday that swans behave like the above, so I kept my camera focused on the two of them who put on quite the show. Before long, he climbed on her back,
At one point she was really pinned do…

Limping Along

Sitting down at my computer yesterday afternoon, while waiting on the appliance repair guy, I was all set to write a blog post, however, my photo library decided not to cooperate, with every action taking far too long. I finally gave up. And yes, you read that right, an appliance repair guy. Unfortunately, this is the second brand new appliance to require attention, beginning with the washing machine that needed a new computer board, and now it is my range that needs the same. My old appliances may not have looked so great, but darn, they worked. Reminds me a bit about life in our modern world--- technology that has entered every part of our lives can be both horrible and wonderful. Would you agree?

I saw something remarkable as I was leaving Days for Girls on Monday afternoon, reminding me that one should never be without a camera because one never knows what one will see. A favorite bird of mine is a Sandhill Crane with their tall bodies, and that wonderful red patch shaped like a h…

Past, Present, and Future

Another oldie, but a goodie!
I told you I found some good stuff the other day and this one is no exception. The twins must be around 5 or 6, Jonathan, probably around one year old, making Matt around 9. I can't recall who the woman was that took this photo, but I've always loved it foremost because of how adorable the boys are, (Bruce is darn good himself), and secondly, because it shows off the wonderful play space Bruce built. With a sandbox underneath, he built a walkway connecting it to the swing set. Many wonderful hours were spent here until we finally decided we needed a larger home. The house we purchased when we had one son, over time, was just not working with four little Pecks in the house. The folks who bought our home put it into the contract that the playhouse had to remain in the backyard. Sadly, we agreed, only to see the entire house torn down a few years later. A bittersweet memory.

So, that is the past segment, and here is one example of the present. The pro…