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On the First Day

So we made it to the mountains and then what? Why, chase waterfalls, that's what. After all Transylvania County bills themselves as the Land of Waterfalls! But first you have to get to them which generally involves some hiking on uneven ground. Oftentimes rocky, or filled with roots too.
That is my honey hiking to High Falls in Dupont State Forest, a large mountainy place formerly owned by the Dupont Corporation, where scenes from both The Hunger Games, and Last of the Mohicans were shot. The walk from the visitor center isn't really all that far, yet at times the inclines got to these folks who are accustomed to only flat walking surfaces! At any rate, you can hear the falls long before you see them, and what a magnificent sight they are.
There is a lovely spot to view them from afar but what the heck, let's get down to that rushing water and walk on the big boulders that line the shore.
 I was super keen on doing what the folks in the photo below were doing!

The Mostly Open Road

For many years Bruce built restaurants for Darden in New England, falling in love with both the quaintness of the towns, and the rugged beauty, especially Vermont. And of course, during those years he was able to watch the leaves change, marveling every year. We discussed going there on a road trip, however, he's got a project at the church he's managing rendering that out of the question. Instead he suggested Asheville. Looking into it, I just wasn't feeling like we were meant to go there, so I suggested a cabin in Brevard, North Carolina coupled with some camping. Sounded good to him.
We took off early, a week ago Thursday with the plan of taking state roads.
 Before we left, however, we needed a tent which we bought last week at Dick's Sporting Goods, setting it up in the back yard to check it out.
Aside from a new stove and air mattress, Bruce had all the rest of the necessary supplies from previous camping trips. Had I ever been camping before? Only once about twe…

Three Days in Copenhagen

When folks talk about a trip to Amsterdam, almost the first thing they mention is the bicycles and now I know why. Although there are fewer bicycles in Copenhagen, there are still over a half a million or so I've learned since we returned. Exiting the the train station to go to our hotel, it was the first thing I noticed.
Yup, that is a lot of bikes, so I was shocked when we next came upon this:
How do they get them up and down?? Everywhere you go there are people on bicycles,
made easier by dedicated bicycle lanes.
The building with the spire is the Stock Exchange building, one of the oldest in the city, learned while on our canal tour, where we saw, yet another, mode of transportation, boats and lots of them.
That same tour took us beside the "Little Mermaid", probably one of the most photographed spots in the city.
Matt thought of everything ahead of time including the brilliant move of buying us all a CopenhagenCard which we used for the canal tour among other things…