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Just Okay

Have you seen the AT&T commercials with the slogan, "just okay is not okay? That came to mind for me this week because that pretty much sums up my cooking both on Wednesday, and Thursday. More about that later..

Following our awesome camping trip, this happened on Friday morning, a week ago.
Thus, I wrote we were a one car family for some days. Not terribly inconvenient, but more of an annoyance than anything. Later that day we did some shopping for our contribution to the 2019 "Basket Brigade" which we were participating in through our church.
Although we've made a basket in the past, this time we were part of the delivery crew that met at the church for our assignments.
Thirty five baskets of Thanksgiving groceries, along with gift cards to buy the perishables, were made and delivered. Organized by Lisa and David, they had lists of addresses by areas of the city. We chose ones closer to us, or at least on our way to the errand that was to follow. One recipient…

Camping Fun

Firstly, we have been a one car family again which is not something I wanted to be typing. But yes, the car is back in the shop, and has been since it was towed to the dealership early Friday morning. Can't believe it? Neither can we, thus we have been car shopping for days because we are fed up to here with the uncertainty. Actually Bruce is very sad about this as he loves his car when it is working properly. Despite having just spent nearly a week in the shop, about sixty miles from home a warning came on---drivetrain malfunction. Needless to say, we were nervous about getting home with all of our gear on the car. Limping the last few miles we made it!! So that was the sad end of the trip.

Let's go back to the beginning because it was really all fun and games while we were at Ocean Pond Campground in the Osceola National Forest, just outside Lake City, FL, about 170 miles from home.
For the record, we saw no black bears; the only creature I saw was a little bunny just after …

Weekend with the Old Folks

In lieu of a grandchild visiting, we had Dave and Michelle's darling Grace for a few days while they went to New York City. It has been nearly two years now that we've not had a dog around and this was an excellent opportunity to see if we, once again, wanted to bring a dog into our life. While a visitor was good, a permanent resident doesn't seem like such a good idea for us now. Now, being the operative word. About a month ago our friend Lisa who works with the Pet Alliance sent me photos of a dog coming up for adoption that was so cute, she was hard to resist. In the end though, we decided that we were enjoying being foot loose and fancy free. We'll see how long we stick to that plan. Mostly we stayed home to keep an eye on her as she is but two years old. We cleaned and packed! Plus, I did a bit of work on my quilt. With hundreds of pieces to sort, I decided putting them in the dryer would mix them up for better pairing. And whereas the table looked so tidy in my …