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Feel Alright

Before I forget, the song playing is now used in a commercial for Orlando. Talk about taking words out of context. I love this song and was stunned when I heard it coming from Bruce's television in the garage. I quickly went to take a look and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but images of children frolicking at WDW. Who knew?
If you don't know the song a favorite bit of mine is: "We are young, we are free, keep our teeth nice and clean." People are so silly and clever.

When I re-upped with flickr I was to receive ten free Moo cards. It's been thirteen days since they shipped...hope they get here soon. My niece Amanda brought some last year to our Thanksgiving celebration, I loved them. I've got about ten of hers taped to my refrigerator door.

This morning I went to vote; the workers said there had been quite a few voters already at 9AM. It's great how this election has spurred people to vote who never do. After all, how can a person complain about leadership if they don't take the opportunity to vote? Next I went to Lowes to get some flowers. Still sporting my "I Voted" sticker, the cashier remarked she would be going after work. You know how workers sometimes have their country of origin on their name tags? Hers read Cuba. We discussed what a privilege it is to vote and how so many people take it for granted. She should know.

Well, excitement around here; above you see pictured a new idea. As some of you know I've been puzzling about selling the gallery wrapped canvases. Lisa was kind enough to send out some images to everyone she could think of to get opinions. As is usually the case, there was no consensus. Nevertheless, Bruce wanted to try this out. We bought a deep square frame from Ikea, (our new favorite, wow, when you go there you ask what recession, people are buying like crazy). Mr.Roger printed the image on canvas, Bruce made a stretcher frame, mounting it in the black frame. I've given you two looks to fully realize the look. I, for one, am thrilled with it. It combines the beauty of canvas, (no glass, no glare) with the finished look of a frame. We are still working on how to price it. As well, we'll gauge interest this Sunday when people see it. Canvas is fairly expensive; it boils down to really providing options.

This wall is in the kitchen and there is a glass door to the right of the piece. What normally hangs there is often used by me to tell when Bruce pulls into the driveway--I can see the reflection of his car.

Carol called last night while I was blogging and asked if I had time to go to a Catholic bookstore today. Have you heard about the St. Joseph phenom? Apparently, he is the patron saint of real estate. As you are already aware Carol needs to have something happen with their house in Melbourne, but as also doesn't need pointing out, the real estate market is in shambles. No problem I replied. There is one a few miles from here that I called first. I was told, why yes, we have a kit. "A kit?" I asked. Turns out prayer cards with instructions are included. There are two versions depending on a person's decor. It seems that after the successful real estate transaction the beneficiary is to place the statue prominently inside. When the clerk tried to give me a receipt I told her that unless there is a money back guarantee I had no need for it. Stranger things have happened.

Forgive me for mistakes, I'm getting a little tired. Bruce was up at 4:15 and when he opened the bathroom door I woke up. Lately I have so many ideas that I don't easily fall back to sleep. I feel a nap coming on.

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