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It Only Seems Fair....

Because I've taken everyone else's picture I thought that I show you what I look like these days. I went out back to clean the pool and heard our cardinal from last spring. If you don't recall, we had a nest with three eggs--only one survived. I brought my new tripod out to see if I could get a photo of the male when I was done with the pool. He disappeared quickly, probably because Baxter goes nuts when I use the cleaner. He barks like a little maniac which is unusual for him. I finally had to put him back inside. Did I mention it was 80 degrees today? Really nice.

I realized after getting done with the pool that I could try taking my own picture with the self timer and tripod. Believe me, it took lots of tries before I got this one. I cropped it because previously it showed how my upper arms have gotten so weird since I've not been lifting weights. Even though I am very slender, skin sags where you don't want it to at my age. I suppose I'm lucky that I'm just experiencing this phenom.

I followed Bruce to the BMW dealership to have some light fixed in his car, dropping him off at work resulting in being out early. I've been sleeping entirely too late, this was a good reason to be out and about early. Naturally, I did not waste the opportunity to use the wonderful morning light. I traveled out to Kissimmee to see their little downtown, but ended up at Lake Toho. I'm using the short version of the lake's name as I'm uncertain if I can spell the real name correctly. It's one of the largest lakes in Florida with a waterfront park in downtown Kissimmee (I use that term loosely). Although people think Disney World is synonymous with Orlando it is really closer to Kissimmee. A little more history of the area--it used to be cattle ranching and little else, now it is filled with hotels, tourist traps, and traffic. I spoke with a native today who echoed just what I've long thought--they are terribly distressed with the changes.

Nevertheless, the lake front was still marvelous. Let's put it this way--the lake is so huge you can't see the other side. I met some interesting folks--one man who had a Panasonic camera which is a rare sighting. As you know, that is what I use, but not too many people do. Carl was the fisherman's name. I'll share his info tomorrow, but I will tell you he caught some tiny fish which he then threw on the dock for us to photograph while the heron and egret scrambled for it. Florida is home to many birds; mostly they have long legs and beaks to facilitate finding food along the shoreline. I've never shown it but I previously photographed a vulture very close, today I think I found a bird, that at least in the face, rivals the vulture for ugliness--a wood stork. More later.

Sunday I sold the print of Ron Jon's--the famous surf shop in Cocoa. The girl was buying it for her boyfriend's birthday. I only have the one surfer picture; when we got home I mentioned to Bruce I should probably go to Sebastian's Inlet because it is a large surfer haven. Serendipity prevails. Not one hour later Bruce saw on television that a huge surfer contest was going on all week in Sebastian!! Those readers familiar with Florida geography know Sebastian is just above Vero Beach. You guessed it--he has a job site visit there tomorrow and yours truly will chauffeur. That's right--I'll drop him off at the restaurant and mosey for the time he is working. I'm sure you will much prefer a surfer picture to the wood stork, of course, you may still get the wood stork at some point.

One caveat--I've no makeup on as you can probably tell!

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