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Mission Accomplished

Here's what's happening:

Husband Extraordinaire fixed the roof yesterday morning; he cleaned the gutters while on the roof, two miserable jobs. Putting on dress clothes he assumed his normal work persona. He's indescribable!

Homemaker finally cleans kitchen floor--LONG overdue.
Incorrect flea medication returned--duh! they sold Bruce the same dose he was on, clearly not sufficient.

Matt called!! Yeah. He's going to Brussels next month, as well as a return trip to LA. Acting as a consultant, both he, and Carol were kind enough to give me feedback on this: ? Submissions?
As you know I've been applying to shows. The latest one, and I'm presuming the hardest to get into, wants TWO slides. I'm incapable of choosing two, thus my solicitations. I've posted it in case you want to add your two cents worth. So many decisions to make.

Consultation with David regarding the business. He's trying to convince me to go with what sells, treating it more like a business rather than a personal gallery. He and Mr. Roger concur on this point. Speaking of whom, I've given his name and card out to loads of artists. I sent an e-mail the other day asking if he's getting too busy for my needs. He assured me that is not the case, thank goodness.

The acceptance for one of the shows came in the mail today.

Sometimes I get bored with the same walk around our neighborhood with Baxter. Working on being a better caregiver I took him today to a nearby wetlands park. Coincidentally it is next to the cemetery where my parents are buried. You didn't need to know that did you? At any rate, today the weather is spectacular, around 60 degrees with gorgeous blue skies. We circled the park coming across a person sunbathing down by the water. If you look closely, follow the bike and you will see some knees poking out. It would be a little too cool for me to be out there with no shirt on!

Lastly, the phone has been ringing like crazy with political calls. I've mentioned before that we have this weird talking caller ID which is coming in mighty handy right now. The voice is so weird and mechanical, and why wouldn't it be you're thinking. I don't know how those folks in Iowa stood it. Four days and counting.

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