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Some of my readers will recognize this house, others won't but it's my first attempt at Christmas lights etc. I hope they like one of them as I took plenty.

Apparently I did not give enough details about B & D. I may have been remiss at not relating one of the most exciting, yet in some ways, traumatic stories. When a model arrives in a city with fashion shows they meet with their agent who then sends them on "castings." It is more or less a cattle call with everyone hoping they will be selected, if not for the money, at least for bragging rights. Calling me from Italy, excited as all get out, they related that they were sent to Giorgio Armani's atelier. When their turn came up there was much excitement on the part of Armani and assistants regarding the prospect of identical twins in the show. Loud conversation ensued with the result that they had them walk together down the runway etc. There was much excitement in the Peck camp as well, only to have hopes dashed the next day. David was chosen, Bill was not. You may have guessed by now that all of the Peck men are the sensitive type--thank goodness--at any rate it was bittersweet. I must tell you that normally the designers give the models something; in this case what I remember is that David gave Bill the watch he received. Now that's a brother for you.

Across the ocean my heart went out for Bill and soared for David. I know it may sound silly, but that's how this mom reacts. I triumph with my sons and despair when things are rough. Thus, I am working hard not to worry about our Jonathan, and Alissa in Chicago. Some mom's might worry about crime, or disaster, this mom worries about the demoralizing effects from the bitter cold. Bruce reminds me he is a man and will adapt--I'm trying to adopt that mentality.

Lastly you may have noticed the now playing thing at the bottom of my blog. When Matt was home he hooked me up with that. As well he bought me three cds and bought me songs with an iTunes card that I'd received for Mother's Day. I told you he would set me straight. Speaking of music--I may be late to the party but WOW-- Amy Winehouse is the bomb.

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