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I woke up in the middle of the night Monday in terrific pain reminiscent of when I first got sick. I was tossing and turning when the alarm went off at an alarmingly early hour for Bruce to get ready. He got out the trusty heating pad and four Ibuprofen, eventually I went back to sleep. I wrote yesterday's post to catch you up on things and purposely didn't mention it as I didn't want any worriers among my readers. I tried to soldier on, but it just wasn't happening. When Maureen called around lunch time she convinced me to rest, take a pain pill, and ride it out.

Fortunately a new New Yorker came yesterday and I read it nearly cover to cover. As is always the case when you read that fine magazine you learn amazing things. I was especially pleased to find a short story by Alice Munroe, a fine Canadian author.

One thing I'd forgotten is that pain medication doesn't make me sleepy, it puts me into sort of a trance. I am awake and aware, but on a different level. As such, I didn't fall asleep right off which is weird for me. There was a serious rainstorm and with the windows open I also heard several cats "caterwauling." I hadn't heard that for a long time; it was so loud I had to get up and close the window.

When I woke up this morning I was still tentative, but have taken it easy. I worked on making a book of floral prints on iPhoto. It's not done yet, but they sure make it simple. Yeah for my Mac! That one is for Matthew who is always sad when he hears I have trouble with my computer. I really do love it.

I got my booth position by e-mail last night for the show next weekend. It looks pretty good.

I'm currently working on five different projects:

I need to turn in a framed print to the gallery on Saturday morning for the reception next Thursday night.

The Gainesville project.

The Merrill Gardens project.

Market on Sunday.

Market on Monday---yes that one is restarting as they have high occupancy.

Two day big show next weekend.

As you can imagine, I'm a bit overwhelmed! I have to be super disciplined to accomplish this stuff and for so little money; good thing I love the picture taking part of it. I'm just way grateful that I have all this going on.

The bottom line is that although yesterday was pretty miserable today has been a great improvement and tomorrow I will have forgotten this nasty business raised it's ugly head again.

Thank you for caring about me.

Lastly, this photo was taken in front of City Hall on Orange Avenue--the main drag of downtown. I like it.

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