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Weary Traveler

My poor baby feels like this sculpture from the Polasek Museum. You remember that place don't you? Yes, the place I did my internship last semester, which seems like forever ago. Bruce was in Florida yesterday, flew to Chicago in the evening, was at the airport this evening to fly to Pennsylvania and missed his plane. It's been a long week; he is indeed a weary traveler right about now. He's still got a job site visit to make in Lancaster, PA tomorrow before he flies home tomorrow night. You wonder how he keeps it up don't you? He just does.

Speaking of the Polasek, I went over there yesterday to drop off a submission for a show in June. The deadline was tomorrow, unbeknownst to me an extension was granted. I could not choose five from the hundreds I took there so was hoping Karen, the curator could help me. When I arrived she was just about to start a tour and needed me to watch the gallery for her. Turns out I was there around two hours but I realized I missed the place during that time. I may just start volunteering there again on Tuesdays. Because I was there during the fall I missed the gardens in full bloom. Yesterday they were literally exploding with color--gorgeous.

I received an e-mail from Karen this morning telling me she could hardly choose five either. I'm now in a quandary. I plan to use the one pictured today as one of them but the other four I'm still up in the air about. If I get picked they will hang in the museum for the month of June which will be quite an honor. We'll see what the judges think.

So you would think I had a full time job with all these photo related activities wouldn't you? I spend countless hours at this new avocation and each day something new seems to present itself. Today it was the designers I worked with on our home. She said I need stuff to cover this whole wall--do you have anything? An open house is scheduled for tomorrow with 600 invitations sent out. Naturally they'll have much less than that attend, but who better to market myself to than designers I ask you? I spent this afternoon getting stuff together, framing, and delivering.

Yesterday I sent out a package and application for another art show at the end of May. Some people have suggested I raise my prices because of all the time it takes to make this stuff happen; I would be inclined to agree if the economy was better. I'm paying my dues right now--brighter days are ahead!

Did I tell you my film professor happened upon my booth at the Maitland show? It was kinda fun seeing him and meeting his wife. When I tell people I sell photography they never know what to expect and sometimes they are pleasantly surprised.

Lisa called today--optimism is reigning at their home.

I've somehow got to find the time to vacuum, clean the pool, and get some groceries in this house!

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