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Family Car

While driving down Orange Avenue on Wednesday this car was in front of me. Immediately I had a flashback to what I remembered as the family car that moved our brood from New York to Florida over fifty years ago. Fortunately, I had the baby camera on the seat next to me in my purse. As well, the traffic moves pretty slowly allowing me to get this, and a few other shots (surprise!), while driving. I believe I've mentioned that is not the best policy, however a photographer does what a photographer needs to do.

I sent it to our family historian, Maureen, to confirm. She has a remarkable memory of all things related to our childhood, which I think you know, I do not. It's her impression that it was very similar, although the one I saw is two door, neither of us can imagine seven people fitting into this car. Of course, back then, personal space notions hardly existed. Children did what children had to do, to say the least. The tailgate is puzzling as well, it looks like it opens downward leaving me to wonder what happened to the glass. At any rate it sure is styling with all that chrome, making todays cars with so little ornamentation look mighty bland.

I'm happy I've gotten back my lawn mowing job because I have always been able to really think while mowing. When the children were young it was the only time that no one wanted my attention. What struck me yesterday was how our big yard holds evidence of all that ever grew there. By that I mean, the caladium bulbs, which the previous owners planted, come up reliably every spring. We've lived here nearly thirteen years and I've no idea how long those bulbs have been in the ground. As well, the golden rain tree we took out ten years ago still somehow sprouts in the beds, as do camphor trees. Of course weeds find their way back every year, and in a particularly weird re-emergence, a sago palm dug out years ago continues to sprout up through the grass. All this leads me to make the connection with our own lives and memories. Think about that for a bit will you? Unexpected things stick with us no matter how hard we try to eradicate them, conversely, good stuff (like morality for instance) springs up when the time is right like those caladium bulbs. Just thinking out loud......

A particularly nice June did not prepare us for what may turn out to be a brutal July. The sun, while shining, is SO hot, no shock there, but it takes a while to acclimate to it's powers each summer. Thank goodness for the pool.

After my slow start to the day Wednesday I made up for it yesterday what with the lawn, other yard work, pool cleaning duties, and a nice loaf of banana nut bread in the oven by 7AM.

I really like Jakob Dylan's new album. Blasphemy, or not, I've never been much of a Bob Dylan fan; his son on the other hand, definitely pleases me. Bruce brings new music home on a regular basis from his trips to Starbucks. As you can imagine I freak out over the cost but it makes him happy and as he reminds me, he doesn't play golf.
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