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Mall Rat

Here is yours truly trying to get a shot of an awesome spider mum using the afternoon sunlight in my office. Sadly, the idea came to nothing thus far.

It is storming once again as I type, a good thing as our air conditioner has decided to act up. On Monday, arriving home from his general contractor continuing education class, Bruce asked why is it so warm in here. Gosh honey, I hadn't noticed. Turns out there is a problem with the condensation pump which we were hoping Bruce repaired on Tuesday morning. This afternoon it quit working again. I have a window tomorrow between 11-3 when the repair man should arrive. I hope it isn't too expensive because I was a mall rat today.

You know how I've no interest in shopping for the most part, but there does come a time when a girl needs a few things. In my case it was blush, facial cleanser and shampoo from Kiehls, mascara, and a replacement for my flat black sandals which are wearing out. Because Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale that was my first stop. I was delighted to discover that they are now carrying the full line of Kiehls. The bottle of shampoo is huge and should last for a year at least.

I purchased the blush from the old standby Estee Lauder because they were offering a GWP. For those unfamiliar with cosmetic department lingo that means a gift with purchase, one of the many things I learned from our mom. Makeup packaging is so seductive, however I am able to resist the temptation because I know I won't wear it. A lipstick, mascara, concealer, eye shadow "quad" and some little bags were in this gift. I decided to look at the little brochure included. Accordingly, I will now "banish uneven skintone, dullness and fine dry lines--those visible signs of aging." As well, I will "enjoy more even, vibrant look overall with discolorations appearing dramatically reduced." My skin will look "healthy, glowing, and more even toned every day." Sadly, women believe this silliness making cosmetic counters the most lucrative area of department stores.

Next stop, the handbag department. Five years ago Bruce bid on a limited edition Coach bag during an office charity fund raiser which I've been carrying since. I'd never had a Coach bag before but I can attest to their sturdiness! The thing is, I dislike logos all over bags (mine did not have them!) making it difficult to find a nice bag that doesn't cost as much as a washing machine. I managed to find a reasonably priced black bag with a discrete logo from B Makowsky. Before the deal was sealed I got my camera from the car making sure it would fit!

One mall down, another to go. I headed to Millenia, visiting the Apple store, JJill, and Cartier where I had them clean my ring. Although the papers are full of dire economic news I encountered lots of shoppers with bags; I guess the real question is whether they could afford those purchases or were piling on more debt.

You are getting used to hearing how hard Bruce's job is aren't you? After his classes yesterday he went to the airport for his flight to Bangor, Maine--best case scenario, arriving at midnight. I only talked to him briefly an hour ago and his flight from there was canceled leaving him with a LONG drive to Connecticut. Frankly, I don't know how he does it.

Time to fix some supper.

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