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VC Baby!

Matt called yesterday evening when we were just sitting down to dinner with the Whiteds after the market. We didn't talk then, but he reminded me that we could use iChat (that's video chat for those of you without a Mac) to talk, which we did at length this afternoon. It was so totally awesome to be able to see his face for the first time in over six months! I could even hear the sounds of a siren on the street outside his apartment which blows me away. Technology can be frustrating, but my word, can it be fantastic, or what?

Lots to catch up on:

I used my gift certificate from the photo contest to buy an instructional DVD for the camera--hmmm...I didn't learn much more than what Matt has taught me already. Unfortunately I changed the how the camera meters light, and I paid the price. Still thinking about the two photo contests, I left the house before 6:30 in the morning to get some river shots. I drove out Highway 50 towards the St. Johns River. Before I got there I crossed the Econolocohatchee and turned around into a RV park that sits adjacent to the river. It was barely daybreak and the air was thick.

As an aside I'd read on my friend's blog the hint that if you keep a dryer sheet in your pocket it will keep mosquitoes at bay. I'm hear to tell you from experience that it doesn't work one tiny bit. Within seconds I was covered with mosquitoes who made quick work of feasting on my tiny body. I took maybe six shots, hightailing it back to the car, scratching all the way.

Motoring along another twenty five miles to the coast and the Indian River Lagoon. The day was dreary with very dim light. What with the camera set on center metering instead of matrix, my disappointment at the pictures was great.

Continuing on I entered the Merritt Island National Preserve taking the wildlife drive. Few folks were out, but there was another photographer with an enormous lens and tripod. Shoot me if I ever get that crazy will you?

Remember the rat situation? Bruce found a trap that electrocutes the rats. He made a chamber, and attached it to the fence, baiting it with peanut butter when he is home. To date seven rats have taken the bait! Where are they coming from? Being the nice guy he is, he buries each one, but draws the line at a graveside prayer. Speaking of which, on Friday night we had the Discovery Channel on and saw a commercial for a show called "The Verminator." One must need a strong stomach to watch that show...can you imagine doing that job?

The market was fine until around 2 when torrential rains forced our closing. Dana, our manager, works diligently for the market, and it shows. The crowds, although thinner due to the heat, are still pretty good. I am so grateful for her efforts. She seems to know gazillions of people, never failing to bring them by (when they visit the market) and rave about my stuff. Yeah for good managers! It seems that most of my working life was spent working for managers I did not respect; this is such a refreshing change.

I've probably gone on way too long today--I'll fill you in on Matt and Jonathan's doings tomorrow. Lastly, however, the web album is the result of me taking the long lens out to practice.
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