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Baxter Hosts a Sleepover

Bill called asking if we would watch Ziggy while they went with Dave and Michelle to the Ritz for a sleepover. Because Le Anne used to work there, she is able to get room rates that the rest of us can only dream of.

Ziggy, as some of you know, is the dog that LeAnne bought after being without Baxter for a year. In effect, he is Baxter's half brother. For those of you in the dark about the cutest dog in the world, (oh, did I mention that before), that he's the cutest dog in the world? Of course I have! About two and a half years ago Baxter came to live with us during a break-up between Bill and LeAnne. After gaining custody of Baxter, whom they had raised from the challenging age of puppy hood, Bill decided B. would be better off living at our home. We'd never had a dog because I'd never wanted one. Just goes to show you that you should "never say never!"

Fast forward to now, Ziggy is a cute little toy Maltese, or are they all toys? Anyway, he's very tiny compared to Baxter, with the cutest walk, almost like a trot, and a lively personality. He chased Baxter around, nipping at him, and in general making a nuisance of himself, but because Baxter is the most well-behaved dog in the world, he tolerated Ziggy just fine. Do you think I'm suffering from some sort of bias here? Good thing you weren't around when I talked about my "real" boys to folks. I'm sure I was insufferable.

Scene: Poolside at the Ritz
Actors: Bill, David, Michelle, and LeAnne

David picks up a magazine, saying to Bill: "Oh look, here's Mom?"
Bill: "Really? It's not the most flattering picture of her."
Michelle and Leanne: "Let us see. Yeah, you're right."

Magazine tossed aside because it is damp.

Scene: Kitchen at the Pecks
Actors: Bill, Gail
Bill: "Hey Mom, did you know you were in some Orlando magazine?"
Gail: "No, which one?"
Bill: "I don't remember, Orlando Style maybe?"
Gail: "You're kidding; where is it?"
Bill: "It wasn't the most flattering picture of you and it was kinda wet so we left it. It was taken at Baldwin Park."
Gail: "Thanks Bill, I sure wish you had brought it home."

Bill leaves with Ziggy, not a moment too soon for Baxter. He's like any other host, anxious for guests to arrive, and just as anxious for them to leave.

Gail, returning to her beloved iMac, does a mad Google search, eventually coming across this:
Neither Bruce nor I thought it looked too bad; it could have been much worse as I generally look pretty lousy in photos. The day was hot as hell as you may recall.

Bruce worked like a maniac at home, his version of a staycation, while I read and messed around the house. His latest project was cleaning 436 emails off his Blackberry. The agenda this week includes six, yes, I said six, job visits in four different states! At least for now he feels prepared to tackle the week.

The museum opens today and yours truly will be there to meet and greet.

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