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Did I get your attention with that title? Our beloved Publix Supermarket used it in their ad today to sound modern I 'spose. Can you guess what it means? With all the smarties reading this I'm sure you can; just in case you need a little help...Buy One, Get One. Everyone is wanting to seem like they are helping the consumer and the truth of the matter is that Publix does a very good job with that. In my former life as a inveterate shopper I was grateful that often the items on sale were the ordinary groceries I used anyway; unlike other stores that use a sale to get you to buy stuff you don't need! Although Matt didn't use a lot of groceries he desperately missed shopping at Publix after moving to Chicago. I imagine Amanda feels about the same way right about now.

Before I go any further, today's picture is of the little umbrella, if you will, over the intriguing black bat flower. Doesn't it look kinda like corduroy?

Yesterday's lunch with Mary and Rachel was delicious. Rachel, as I may have mentioned, is in photography school-- I was getting all the scoop on what she is learning. If it is possible, she knows less than I do about the technicalities of taking photographs, her professors are trying to change all that. The toll house cookies were especially good with yours truly taking home a little plate of them. I'm not much of a dessert girl except for cookies which I adore. When Matt was a baby for some reason I lost a bunch of weight and was down to 97 pounds. We moved to California for a year due to the dreadful job market in Orlando. There were loads of things I didn't like about that time including the weather, loneliness, and raising a challenging one year old. To combat some of that misery I made cookies all the time managing to gain 17 pounds!!! Not only did I make the aforementioned chocolate chip cookies, but a divine coconut cookie, oatmeal, peanut butter, and snickerdoodles. One of our favorites to this day is a lovely little drop sugar cookie which I make nearly every Christmas, decorating them with green or red sugar. Little did I know that at the end of that year a twin pregnancy awaited me. I was so sick throughout those nine months that I was lucky to gain the 30 pounds I did. A little side trip down memory lane, forgive me.

Bruce called from Maine last night reporting frost already. During our morning chat he described the changing leaves in Massachusetts on his way to Connecticut. The maples are blazing with color.

Exciting photography news! Listening to the answering machine upon my arrival yesterday afternoon, I was delighted to get one from a woman who saw me at the market last month and wanted to buy something. My call was too late to reach her then, however she called back today and the framed photo is already on the way to Boca Raton. Hurrah! I neglected to mention that a similar call was on the machine on Sunday, a repeat customer. Seriously, I give out my business card like nobodies business and rarely does it yield anything, so I'm super excited about this.

A trip to the produce market today yielded a glorious display of colorful vegetables, as well as the most beautiful raspberries. The wonderful food blog I mentioned a few weeks ago inspired me to buy the on sale leeks. I'm going to try out Terrie's recipe for leek and potato soup; her images are so mouth watering, I can't wait to try the real thing!

I don't know about you but I'm getting pollsters calling all the time of late. I mostly just let the phone ring. You should hear our little Baxter, he makes the funniest noise while the ringing continues. I've made the mistake of answering a few times--man is it hard to get rid of them.

The time has come for me to tackle the stacked prints on the dining table, a chore I'm not too excited about...
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