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Drop the Drama!

Once Bruce completes a restaurant the problems do not end. Inevitably there are some small problems that managers think are monumental--you know, the whole making a mountain out of molehill mentality. Furthermore, they call him and with new technology, not just him, they copy everyone up the chain of command with their woes. Bruce, ever the chess player, tries to appease them, but what he'd like to say is, "drop the drama!" Naturally, being the good guy he is, he rights the wrongs and life goes on.

I left a little early for the museum this morning hoping to take advantage of the light, stopping at Lake Eola on my way. This little guy emerged from the first of many baths he'll take today.

Unfortunately by the time I arrive at the museum the light is getting harsh; often it doesn't stop me from practicing on the grounds resulting in very uneven results. I hardly ever photograph roses, but here's a little cutie I liked:

That said, the lovely white hibiscus is from there, as is a spectacular one I saw today with the deepest crimson center flowing into peach ruffles. Many people think taking photographs of flowers is easy, which is true in some cases, but not so with the hibiscus. It's hard to know what to focus on with the stamen protruding so far outside the center of the flower.

David called last evening urging me not to worry about him. Fortunately David is somewhat resilient, having been a day trader during the tech bubble, he learned pretty quickly that what goes up must come down. But does it have to free fall?

My friend Terrie was kind enough to comment on my blog (rarely do I get comments--is anyone reading this thing?); she thinks I'm some kind of star around these parts. Nothing could be further from the truth, however I'm giving it my best shot. What it really amounts to is that because I've been at this for 18 months now I've met people who've introduced me to other people, who've helped me in some get the picture. I'm trying to self promote by entering every contest that comes my way even when I know I'll have little chance of being accepted. Those efforts are slowly paying off, but believe me I spend a lot of time working this gig. Which brings us to the market--my launching pad. Although some days are slow, I never fail to make a contact who might be important in the future. Because I've never had a career where networking mattered I'm doing some on the job training.

Middlesex just keeps getting better and better.

Jonathan gets to go to Boston for a Green Conference! Aside from his move to Chicago, he's rarely been in a big city so I'm excited for him. I hope he has a little time to do some sight seeing; a walk by Fenway would make a good start.

Finally here's a link to Dave and Michelle's wedding site:
The Knot

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