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In the Mail

The long awaited wedding will soon be upon us as evidenced by the beautiful invitation arriving in today's mail. I had no idea how fancy they have become. No wonder Michelle has been so busy!

Michelle and David have been together for probably six years now so we are all excited that they are finally getting married. Their relationship is one where they both make the other one a better person, just what is needed for a successful marriage. I'll soon be a mother in law!

I've stayed home for the cable people to no avail--they have not shown up. A call to the cable company did nothing to get them here. In the morning I've got a dental appointment and then a wait and see for the cable guy. You've all experienced the same frustration I'm sure.

Baxter woke me up early, 5:30 to be exact, to go out. Thankfully I went back to sleep because there is not much to do around the house at that hour. A ringing phone woke me at 8, later than I usually sleep, with a girl wanting to order a canvas. Although she lives in Cincinnati she saw my booth at the market on a trip down here and took my card. What a nice surprise! She's ordered one to be shipped to her best friend for a birthday gift. That makes two this week--I received an email the other day from a woman saying her husband was buying her a canvas for her birthday. I love for them to be given as gifts. It makes a girl a tiny bit proud, not much, but some.

While chatting with Matt the other day we discussed metering. For the non-technical readers this refers to how much light the camera measures in a scene. I decided to experiment around the house and this is the result--a close up of an elkhorn frond. I can see where this could be quite useful and more experimentation will be undertaken.

Jonathan will be happy to know that we watched "House" on our new television last night. The picture quality is amazing, promising to get even better with the new cable. While he was still here I got to see the Science channel which was entirely new to me. One of the programs was on how they make Legos, a big part of our past. Manufacturing holds a special appeal to me because our father was a mechanical engineer. I'm enthralled with the machines and the brains behind them. I used to have to step over elaborate Lego creations every day. In the closet is a huge box of those wonderful blocks. Apparently after naming the toy they discovered that Lego means "I build." Pretty cool huh?

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