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Let's Pretend it is Fall

That's what I did last night with the dinner I cooked for Mr. Bruce last night when he finally arrived home after a harrowing week. Several of the restaurants he has going are re-models with the contractor starting after the restaurant closes. As such he sometimes stays way late resulting in two twenty hour days this week if you can imagine. I told you he was working entirely too hard. Blame it on the economy; many employers are asking employees to do more than is realistic.

Anyway I cooked some pork spare ribs with sauerkraut and potatoes with sauteed apples on the side. It was way delicious. Actually it only got into the 80's today which gives up hope it will cool off one of these days.

Because Bruce goes to New England in the fall every year he always brings back leaves--these are from last year but new ones should be arriving in the next few weeks. Driving through the Catskill Mountains in New York this week he said they haven't begun there yet, but they will...

I took the dress back to Macy's today and bought another one at Bloomingdales. I needed the sales girls help me zip it up (just the last little bit) and went outside the dressing room to find her. She did her thing, and two gay guys nearby started raving about the dress. Strangely enough a woman spoke up behind us saying she'd seen me from another department and wanted to come over to say how stunning the dress is. The only catch on this one is that it is a bandeau style which is problematic for several reasons--one, I've never worn one before and I imagine it might bug me keeping it up, secondly, I need some sort of wrap to cover myself which I'm unsure if I'll be able to find. Nevertheless when something fits me I snatch it up; whether I keep it is another story. I'm awaiting Bruce's comments.

So I see Apple has added a genius feature to iTunes. That word is thrown around a lot, but do you know the definition of a genius? I didn't at one time, but now I do. Years ago the elementary school suggested one of the boys take an IQ test. The results were relayed to me in a big conference with about seven people from the school attending--very intimidating I can tell you that much! Imagine being a youngish mother (am I keeping this mysterious enough so I won't embarrass my child?) hearing that your child is a genius, not really understanding what it meant and what we should do about it. Stunned, I went home to look up the definition in the dictionary--a person with an IQ over 140. To give you an idea what that means, schools usually teach to about an IQ around 100. Anyway we muddled our way through having a genius in the family, probably not doing enough, but the best we could.

Back to the genius feature--it appears it is sorta like when Amazon suggests that if I like a particular book then I'll probably like another. Using what I already have in my iTunes library it puts together play lists. We'll see what I think.

Speaking of books I told you the other day that sometimes I choose to ignore things if I don't want to know something--that's just what I did while finishing Middlesex. I knew it was crazy late but I just don't look at the clock; it was well worth it. Unlike The Virgin Suicides by the same author, this one gives you a bit of hope for a happy ending. I say that because although I did not read the latter book, I saw the movie and the ending is terribly bleak. I'm not usually into happy endings but the narrator in Middlesex deserved it. The title is genius--whoops, there goes that word again!
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