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The Windows Were Open

On Sunday Roger brought my huge order to the market and amongst the prints was one of this angel from a cemetery in Winter Park. Remember how our market managers soon to be daughter in law was killed in an automobile accident on Memorial Day? Well, the mother of the girl is naturally still in a lot of pain. Currently she's obsessed with angels and when Dana saw the print she freaked out saying how she'd love to have one to give to her. This is one of the only angel statues I'm familiar with around here; I hope it makes her a tiny bit happier.

Oh yes, we were talking about the order. I spent nearly seven hours today readying the prints; I finished around 6 this evening. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that anyone wants them, but truthfully it is a bit laborious between the stickers that go on the bags, sealing the bags, and signing them all. Customers often don't realize how much goes into just one of the prints. As you well know, I price them reasonably, maybe too reasonably for the effort. Thankfully I do not have to make a living off this venture!

While doing the mindless part of the process I called Lisa for an update on Danny. Half of the staples came out today after a harrowing experience last night. Suffice it to say that the doctor proclaimed the healing is going well. Continuing their run on problems, their refrigerator broke last night, a creature has died in their attic (Danny, of course, is in no shape to investigate), and fleas have sprung up in their bedroom. Things can always be worse, but seems to me they could use a break right about now.

Yes, the windows were open today. In fact, you could not have ordered a more perfect day if you wanted to. The humidity was low, a gentle breeze blew causing the curtains to flutter just a bit, and the temperature hovered in the early 80's. Not a cloud in the blue, blue sky. Normally Baxter is not much of a walker, but even his step was livelier today. Tomorrow's forecast is much the same. I've also noticed how the days are shortening at what seems to be a rapid pace. Because I am a lucky girl and don't have to use an alarm clock, I often sleep till around sunrise. This morning I heard Mr. Baxter yelping just a bit in the gray light of dawn which these days is after 7. Coming to, I thought, do I hear a lawnmower? Are the lawn guys here already? Indeed they were. Spending nearly two hours the three workers continue the beautification of our lawn. Before long we'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Bruce nearly missed his flight but just as the doors were about to close they let him on continuing his streak of never missing a flight in 16 years of traveling. A traffic jam nearly caused the breaking of his unblemished record. He's in the air as I type. A problem with the parking lot, one that just won't go away, necessitates an unexpected trip to Vero Beach tomorrow. I'm going to tag along, maybe even driving him if he'll agree. He's had a hard week per usual.

Five years ago today, with Baxter just a puppy, I gave a birthday party for our mom. It hardly seems possible.

A smart piece from the NYTimes:
Anyone for Realism?

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