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The Packages are Shipped

Although there are four stockings hung on the mantle, there will only be two sons home for Christmas. As you can imagine Jonathan and Matt are going to enjoy a cold Christmas as opposed to one where air conditioning might be put to use. Yesterday while I was at the market Bruce put this together because he has the patience to do this sort of thing. I get frustrated--he does not.

It is amazing what one can accomplish when one gets up at 5AM. For some reason I was super tired last evening after two days of marketing. I realize I'm not using that in the traditional sense, but let's start using it for what I do on Sat/Sun. I was thinking the other day what days to call my weekend. I'd always heard having your own business took a lot of time, I'm finding out firsthand that whoever said that knew what they were talking about.

Back to the narrative Gail....I convinced Bruce to go to bed at 8PM!!!!! last night. I fell asleep in no time; when the alarm went off at 5, I was up and at 'em.
First on the agenda was wrapping the gifts for the Christmas absentees. The weekly laundering occurred simultaneously. I wrapped everything, and got the shipping boxes ready to go. I got sorta creative with Matt's package; while at the post office I learned the postal service in London might open the package which I sincerely hope is not the case. At any rate, the line was not too long, and the price to ship stuff.... well, let's not talk about that. Actually, I was delighted to do it, and hope they like what I've chosen. The older I get, the more I probably over-think gift giving.

Here's what goes through my mind:
What if they don't like it?
What if it doesn't fit?
Where will they store it?
Do they really want/need it?
Will it match what they already have?
How many .....(insert gift) does a person need?
Will they re-gift it?
Will they think it is stupid?

You understand I'm sure.

I realized as I was typing this that I forgot one thing I wanted to send to Matt. Hmmm...

Luckily for me I saw someone I knew (imagine that) in the parking lot who helped me carry my packages inside.

Afterward I went over to Darden to sell. Here's what happened--I'd had a call during the wedding festivities from a woman who wanted to buy some prints for Christmas presents. We got it all sorted out after everyone left and I put in an order to Mr. Roger. Upon returning from the Whole Foods market I had a call from another Darden employee who wanted to do likewise. I told her I would bring my baskets when I delivered the ordered prints. Wouldn't you know it--these ladies came to the original sale together; neither woman knew the other had called me. Crazy huh? They helped pushed me past my sales goal as did the sales from the weekend.

In fact I was super busy with customers and visitors/friends alike. Karen and Jeanette came on Sunday. I was so delighted to see them although I was terribly saddened to learn that the macular degeneration that developed three years ago in Jeanette's right eye, is now attacking her left. This is horrible news. She is a sonographer and has had to quit working because she can no longer see the monitor clearly enough. Karen has her own set of problems, what with her bad heart, and seizures. They make quite a pair, and I mean that in a good way. I've known both of them for more than twenty five years; I met them at a hospital that no longer exists, although our friendship has survived. Writing that makes me realize all the more how impermanent "things" are. Relationships, on the other hand, are lasting, unless of course one of the parties is a jerk.

So here is our little tree with Baxter snooping around (note the open back door because it is quite warm):

There are birthdays galore this week--LeAnne on the 17th, Lisa on the 18th, and Michelle on the 19th. Speaking of which I'm turning 55 on the 31st, qualifying me for the Tuesday senior discount at Ross. I think it is plain crazy that those who can normally afford to pay more pay less.

One outcome of Baxter's visit to the vet is that he is now on a diet. This is harder to implement than one would imagine. According to the veterinarian assistant he needs to lose one pound. I'm doing my best to ignore his imploring looks; you've seen those big brown eyes, so you know how difficult this is.

I've saved the best news for last--while getting ready to go out with Jeff and Connie on Saturday night, Bruce..drum role please...SHAVED HIS BEARD, taking ten years off his appearance in ten minutes. He looks adorable, as you shall soon see, without the white patch on his chin. I'm sorry to say that at the outset it was my idea but I changed my tune months ago. Oh happy day!
Listening to: Amy Grant - Emmanuel, God With Us
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Listening to: Amy Grant - The Night Before Christmas
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