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Back So Soon

Yes, I am back so soon. You would have thought I was vacationing last week with my lack of posting, but as you now know that was not the case. Speaking of which, I think Mr. Bruce and I will be going on some sort of vacation at the end of April, or early May. It has been quite a few years since we took a week long vacation, but it looks like this year Bruce's schedule will allow for the luxury. The last big trip was to St. Lucia, a lovely island near Venezuela. Bruce didn't think his cell phone would connect there, thus he had a week long vacation from problems. Of course that was nearly five years ago, so I expect that won't be the case this time wherever we go. I'm thinking I want to go someplace I've never been before; we are open for suggestions if you have them.

Before I forget I wanted to show off the beautiful afternoon light on the dining table set for our company last Friday.

Yesterday morning I had to do a few errands and decided to mosey around town just a bit with my camera ready in the front seat. I seem to be having some success with simple photographs of urban life and with this in mind I remembered an area where there are prayer flags. I was not on anyone's property, in fact I was on the city sidewalk shooting skyward with the breeze blowing like mad, when I turned around to find a young man confronting me about the photo taking. I assured him it was not for anything sinister. At the market, as you would expect, we see all sorts of people, young, and old alike. I'm sure I've voiced my opinions on tattoos in the past, how I loathe them, particularly the ones where an entire extremity is covered in hideous colors and designs. So, you know where I stand on those. Today I'm going to rant a bit about those ear plugs. I know they have some other name, which is escaping me at the moment, but you probably know what I mean. I loathe them as well. It is actually hard for me to look someone straight on that is wearing them. Would that be the right way to describe that--wearing them? Whatever. They are hideous to me. You guessed it. This young man was wearing nickle-sized plugs. Anyway it was all I could do to look at him straight on. I know I'm sounding like an old person who is afraid of new things, but there you have it anyway. And now for the flags:

They look pretty against the beautiful blue sky don't they?

Guess what! On Saturday a nice woman bought my snake picture. I'm definitely no snake fan, however I thought if you were, it was kinda good. Anyway, during our conversation she related how her son volunteered at Gatorland for years, and is now studying zoology. She brought up the white alligators,(actually Bruce mentioned last evening that they look like they've been dipped in white chocolate which was an excellent description), and now she wants one of them. Yeah, I knew that second trip out there could be a good move.

I lost my way there. Back to my out and about yesterday, I went to Sam Flax for some signing pens, and continued home on a few back streets where I came across this amazing screen door. I want one of these. I love this door. I must have one of these doors.

Come to think of it, I might not be the only one wanting a screen door. With the economy the way it is, folks may not be so anxious to put on the air conditioner at the first sign of heat. It's wonderful isn't it?

One thing I left out of last week's recap was my two hour video chat with my son in London, the amazing Matt Peck. Between this blog and facebook, he keeps up with us superficially, but getting a little deeper is nice when he has the time. Our conversations run all over the place. I'm always like, and one more thing.....
Now our sons--make that three of our sons, Bill is still on myspace, can finally keep up with their dad as well. I signed Bruce up for facebook a week or so ago with him finally finding the time to get set up on Friday. Already he's enjoying it making some serious pronouncements regarding push ups. Matt described to me an internet sensation called 100 push ups, or something to that effect. I passed the info on to Bruce who immediately decided it was something he wanted to do. He's definitely a goal setter.

Off to the museum now...

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