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Post 501, AKA For the Birds

Logging into the dashboard to write this post, I was stunned to see I'd blogged 500 times, but I guess after a couple of years that's what happens. Thanks to those who have shared my journey...

I got up super early today and went to work straightaway, loading the washer, changing the sheets, and vacuuming. If you could order the weather, today would be at the top of your menu--absolutely gorgeous. I hung the laundry out to dry, and then off to Gatorland. I know, I know, that I only visited two weeks ago, but the white alligators arrived for a limited stay, as such, I felt I should take a look. The four on display are a third of the known population in the world. They aren't technically albino because they would have pink eyes, not blue. American alligators have a goldish-brown colored eye. Apparently these were found deep in the Louisiana swamps by a Cajun fisherman in 1987. This is the first time they have left LA. So here you see what I saw, not really white, but a light yellowish color. They were behind glass--I did what I could.

Really what so fascinates me at Gatorland are the flamingos. Is there a more beautiful color in the world?

They are not only loud, but feisty as well. Watching them during feeding time, I was amazed how they poked at each other like nobodies business. If they were humans they would never get away with that kind of behavior!
Finally, I thought this parrot picture turned out well. I did title this for the birds, so I needed one more bird to justify the title.
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I was only there for about two hours, coming home to have lunch and take the clothes down, and of course check out my pictures. As well I made a web album for a lady Bruce works with. She's got a friend who'd seen some of my stuff and wanted to have a look for herself. We shall see about the outcome. We've been in this together long enough to know that you just never know.

Just as I was thinking that a little snack might be good, Baxter kindly/loudly announced the arrival of someone at the door. It is that time of the year once again when young girls knock on your door (always an adult accompanying them) selling Girl Scout cookies. If you know of a better cookie than Thin Mints, I want to try it. Gosh, when I sold cookies our parents would never have come with us. I know people do bad things occasionally, but really I find today's parents entirely too protective.

Little Lily ran through her sales pitch, I replied, "I'll take one because there are only the two of us." Imagine how many I would have bought when the boys were home if only I could have afforded it. She was such a cutie, almost losing her place in the speech because she blurted out--"you have such a cute dog, and pretty house, and I like your skirt too." Well, of course, she liked it, Matt bought it for me for Christmas. I don't want anyone to feel bad or anything, but with the jeans skirt I am wearing a sleeveless top.

Which leads me to the end of my post. Just yesterday I read that women my age should wear 3/4 length sleeves, however I protest loudly. First off, most people are not staring at me/anyone else and thinking, she needs to cover her arms. They are foremost worried about themselves. Secondly, it is just too hot; I refuse to be uncomfortable for the sake of someone else. Thirdly, really, who cares? Mostly we run amongst strangers, so what's the big deal? If we see someone we really care about they will understand that function comes before form when it comes to dressing in Florida. Mr. Bruce subscribes totally to the form before function mantra for most things, but not me.

Ok, so I said I was done, but here's something somewhat related. Why must we be sold products to make us look younger? Younger than what I ask you?

Enough of the ranting--have a super weekend, you know where I'll be. Forgive the little tag issue--I can't seem to fix it.
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