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Here's Some Color for You

As some of you know I have lots of daisy pictures but not so many of hibiscus. I've been doing my best to get a great picture of a red hibiscus, a flower I adore. For those of you unfamiliar with them, their beautiful blooms last just one day. I've probably already described how many beautiful colors there are in a previous post, today I want to mention that red flowers are very difficult to get right. I found this paper at Sam Flax and have tried to make something of it. It may be too much for most folks--what do you think?

Previous posts, indeed, there have been many. For many, many years I tried to keep a journal and never got past about a months worth of entries. I can hardly believe I've kept this up for more than two years.I go back in time (re-reading old posts)infrequently, but it's nice that I can.

Hurray! I've successfully cleaned up the external hard drive! Let's hope when my new Leopard operating system arrives in the mail next week I'll be so lucky.

Remember when I signed up for facebook? I'm glad I did. Jonathan, Alissa and Matthew are attending big summer music festivals in their respective large cities and I get to see photos right off--nice. In other facebook news, we learned we are now Great Aunt Gail, and Great Uncle Bruce, to Mallory's beautiful new baby, Annabelle.(Capitalizing great seems wrong to me--is it?) Michele is bursting with joy. No waiting around for pictures--we have instant access to them. Last week or so I heard this piece on All Things Considered:Mom + Facebook I hope our sons did not struggle so before befriending us!

So yesterday I forgot to mention two things I read in the paper. One is that one of the members of the band Beastie Boys has parotid (spell check does not recognize this word btw) gland cancer, if you can imagine. How is that for a coincidence? Just last week we discussed my pg problem, which seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived. Secondly, the man who was responsible for making WD40 a household name died. Apparently it stands for Water Displacement and 40 tries to get it right. I love trivia like that.

I'm going to try something new tonight--photographing one of those crystals under a black light--we'll see how that turns out.

Bruce is home all week. Fantastic--I get to cook. Tonight we're having "Creamy Dreamy Polenta" from the Flying Biscuit Cafe cookbook. I fixed it once when Alissa and Jon were home and she became a big fan. Sliced tomatoes, crusty bread, and a fancy green bean salad from the Times, which we've never tried. I'm infusing the olive oil as we speak, the balsamic vinegar is reduced, and the walnuts are toasted. It doesn't matter what time in the afternoon I begin to cook, Baxter plants himself in front of the door assuming Bruce will be home for dinner, sometimes he is, lots of the time not. You've got to feel a little bad for him the nights he just has to hang out with me!
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