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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yes indeedy (is that a word?) it's cold! While Matt and Jonathan were here, it was chilly, making it not such a shock to return to their cold climes, although I'm sure this kind of weather,Britian is Frozen is not what Matt was hoping for!

The market yesterday was miserable once again--this week not the damp and cold combo, but the cold and cloudy combo, with nary a ray of sunshine to warm things up just a bit. Without the goodness of our indomitable project manager, I would have died, as would those other folks who huddled around the new spiffy heater he bought at Home Depot after setting up my display. It is SO nice to have a capable man around the house, not to mention sweet, handsome, kind--well, you get the picture! To some of my faithful readers 45 degrees does not seem all that cold but I'm here to tell them that being outside for eight hours in it is cold to this Floridian! (Remind me of this when I'm whining about the heat, will you?) Sales were slightly better than my last outing, however, this kind of start to the year was not what I was hoping for. Then again, it will make the next successful day all the more sweeter after tasting defeat....or so they say. :)

Which led to an extremely long winters nap for Mr. Bruce and your blogger. The cold just gets to my little body, and nothing short of a long slumber will revive it.
Which segued into a very early rising this morning. Just as the sun began to rise, I took this shot of the side of the house because, one, I don't think you've seen the new awning, and two, I know you haven't seen the revived bench under the staghorn fern. In case I neglected to mention it, I actually went through the seat on that one. Halloween night, we went outside to watch the kids; Mrs. Camera Crazy sat on the bench with the candy bowl. Well, I lied, that's not at all what happened. Mrs. CC attempted to sit on the bench, but instead, crashed through the slots onto the ground! We both agreed it was a darn good thing it happened to me rather than a guest. At any rate, PM extraordinaire made new slats, and painted the whole thing a springy green! Love it!

Forgive me for skipping all over the place today because next we go back in time to New Year's Day. Mostly we spent the day watching football and having this little snack around lunch time:Of course, the Bass Ale belonged to Mr. Bruce, as did the summer sausage. It's a holiday thing with him. The highlight of the day was seeing Bobby Bowden hold up the spear and then plunge it into the turf! I'm such a softie it made me cry. Speaking of tearing up, my mother in law shocked me by giving me the new Susan Boyle cd for Christmas, a gift I was sure one of my boys would have thought of. I finally listened to it whilst cleaning up the house on my birthday. Talk about a tearjerker! Her rendition of How Great Thou Art and Amazing Graceis stupendous!

Now where was I? Oh yes, the FSU game. What a treat to finally see them play at the level we were used to!

As for today, I will be the first to admit that I'm not so great at taking photographs with others around. For some reason I need my solitude. Although it was only 36 degrees, I made the short trek over to Leu Gardens this morning, arriving just after opening time. I was one of two people in the garden crazy enough to be out in the cold. You do remember that judge who told me to practice don't you? Well, practice I did with decidedly mixed results. I did see this little cutie upon arrival: The camellias are in bloom everywhere, with burst of white, pink, and deeper pink everywhere. They are especially beautiful because the leaves are such a deep shade of green, contrasting with their delicate petals. Tonight a freeze is in the forecast making me wonder how much damage I'll see on my next visit.

Today was Bruce's first day back at work; he's been home for nearly two weeks, a first for him. For all the years he's been with Darden, he's had so many jobs around the holidays, but not so much this year. It's back to the grind now...
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