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It's Almost Over

College football season seems to go on forever these days, what with bowl games stretching over weeks instead of days, but tonight the game we've all been waiting for is finally here. May the best team win, or something like that. I suppose I should root for Texas rather than the hated SEC team, Alabama, but the truth is I was so darn impressed with Mark Ingram that I'd love to see him put up big numbers. Whether we can actually stay up late enough to see the game's conclusion, is yet to be determined....

Every job has it's challenges including the one I'm currently engaged in. It seems like it would be super easy and in many ways it is, however, I'm still learning so much about having a business that at times I'm very unsure of myself. Currently I'm feeling as if I've run out of ideas, maybe to never take an engaging photo again, thus I have my windowsill of inspiration.Try not to focus on the dirty window will you? Instead, notice the darling carved rooster Matt gave me for Christmas, the sole survivor of my birthday flowers from my mother in law, the corks, and finally the stack of wooden boxes on the left. In descending order they contain a compass, a map marker, and some chisels, all antiques from either our families. It seems as if I've been so busy either selling or holiday activities that I've not done anything special with them just yet. But, I might. In fact, I guess I should say I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Phillipe Petit operated that way. Last night, thanks to Jonathan and Alissa's gift of six months of Netflix, we were mesmerized by his story in this Man on Wire. Simply amazing! He never said never that's for sure!

As all of my family knows, I'm a nut for citrus juice. Growing up, my boys knew never to finish the orange juice if I hadn't had mine first. That sounds kinda mean when I write it, but believe you me, I shared plenty--just not my juice. It's the first thing I do in the morning so it pleases me to no end to have fresh tangerines to juice. Voila! A darling juice bottle as well as an inspiring juice glass from Ruth and Pat!

So, yesterday morning, after having my juice of course, I paid my sales tax for the last quarter, put an order together for Mr. Roger, and decided to try and get my spring show schedule together. I'd heard that there was a good show in Lake Wales, a smallish community (known for this:(Bok Tower), about 50 miles south of here. Upon further inspection I discovered that the due date for entering was YESTERDAY! Hmmm....what to do? what to do?

You've guessed what I did, haven't you? Need I say more?

Saw this on my way:

Amazingly the terrazo floors are still there. Not to mention the sad little office with the cable tv sign still in the window. You get to LW on US27, what used to be a major highway down the middle of the state, dotted with little motels and fruit stands for all the Northern tourists coming to escape the winter. Not so much anymore, in fact, in many ways it is like turning the clock back seeing how things used to be before Mr. Disney decided to come to town. I love how this sign proclaims they have air conditioning, pool, and carpet. How are expectations have changed!

Now on to some Peck son related news:

Although I was planning on telling you about Baxter's misdeed, Matthew beat me to it. Here's his account with a decidedly happier ending then what we'd heard before his departure, Baxter Decides Glasses are Meant to be a Snack.

And then there's this:
Exit the Ride
So proud and pleased that the band is enjoying some local success these days.

It sure has been cold around these parts this week, with the overnight freezing temperatures expected to continue on through the weekend. Am I a glutton for punishment, or what?

There's a lot to digest in this post isn't there? Just a brief thank you to all (I know there are some out there!) who take a part of their busy day to keep up with me, you are much appreciated. :>)

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