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New Music Monday

Some days I get up in the morning with a set agenda; today was not one of those days. I haven't mentioned this yet, but I've been trying to use our treadmill most days when I'm home. I wasn't trying to keep a big secret or anything like that, it's just that I was waiting to see if I could keep it up for more than two days! So far, so good.

During the time I'm treading along, I watch television. Today it was HGTV, during which time I was inspired to finally paint the foyer. Remember our de-taupeing project from last year? Almost done my friends. The foyer is now painted the same lovely "Windy Blue" as the living/dining area which I'll show you tomorrow. I took some pictures this afternoon that I've not loaded just yet, but trust me, it's exciting!

I'm so sure you've been wondering so heres the good news: I've talked to Karen and she is improving every day! Hallelujah! Much to my delight, another friend lopped off a bunch of that hair once she was moved out of ICU. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Backtracking a few days...we had dinner Friday night at the Brick & Fire Pizza place on Orange Ave., formally a Pizza Hut/Moes. The last, and probably only time I went to Moe's at that location, the place smelled terribly musty. Just want you to know that not only does it smells just fine, the food was scrumptious as well! The lemon caper salad dressing was one of the best I've ever had. Yeah for neighborhood restaurants!

Saturday was mostly gloomy which kept me indoors and on task. I'd picked up a LARGE order from Roger last week. It is somewhat daunting to find yourself in front of that many prints. Let me just mention that the year is not getting the best start as far as sales are concerned, in fact, at the moment I'm upside down on revenue. Still I have hope, thus the order. If you look closely you will detect all the parts that go into the signing/prepping of the prints.
Moreover, I spent much time sorting through my baskets, cleaning out the tub we take to the markets, and sorting through the canvases. Seriously, it took me hours and hours. But, now we are organized, cleaned, and have a good inventory to last for a while. Well, really, what would be best is if it didn't last for too long...

Normally I don't post the pictures I take at the market, but decided this one should be blogged. This segues nicely with the previous posts' child bike seat and my observations concerning paranoid parents. This darling child has not only beautiful skin, but a helmet to protect his darling head just in case he should tumble the few inches out of the wagon!
By now, if you've been paying attention you are wondering what in the world was she thinking when she titled this post. Astute readers would be correct at this point because nothing I've written has any relation to the title. But, the time has come to discuss it.

While Matt was home he added some new tunes to my computer. These days I have some trouble concentrating on two things at once, thus, I'd not heard much of what he so kindly downloaded. Now that's from CDs that he'd purchased, in case you were wondering. At any rate, today's painting project made for the ideal environment for listening, and what a pleasure it was. Turns out I'm very excited about Lily Allen, Friendly Fire, Bat for Lashes, Jack Penate, small doses of Florence & the Machine (which will disappoint Matt as he's mad for her), the new Killers cd, and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. I was so jazzed that upon completion of the painting and cleanup I loaded both the shuffle for the house, and the Nano for the car. Yeah for young people in our lives to help keep us current. I do wonder, however, when you get too old to listen to songs about heartache and such...any thoughts on that?

There was a time that I could concentrate on so many things at once it would make your head spin. No longer, but that's ok, I really don't need to very often. Cleaning out the foyer closet last week I discovered some posters and a Georgia O'Keeffe calendar from 1989. Flipping through the pages I was amazed at just how busy we were back then. This gave me a little chuckle and I hope it does you as well:Is it any wonder Bill is lonely these days after having shared a room with someone his whole life? Being an identical twin is unlike anything most of us can imagine. When you think about one egg splitting into two parts and becoming two separate people, it is really mind boggling. Back in the day (as David would say), I rarely thought about it, instead focusing on the day to day grind. Now, I think about it with wonder.

In closing, let me just say...That sounds pretty formal doesn't it? Well, here's the deal--the market was just fine yesterday; enough sales to keep me returning, and weather that was neither too hot, nor too cold. What more can a girl ask for? Now there's another conundrum; what to call myself......
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