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Beach Happy

Regularly scheduled posts will resume June 7. Have fun and be safe dear ones.

Are You Sober?

As you well know, every market day is different. Of course, when you are constantly interacting with people, that's just the way it is. This past Sunday morning Bruce left me a little early to get some things done for our trip, one of which is a check list so I don't forget anything. He is well aware of my horrid memory! So, there I was, hanging the last of the canvases, getting the bags ready, putting out business cards, you know, the usual. A young woman came into the booth, started looking at prints, and then received a phone call. Asking permission first, she sat down in one of our two chairs. Originally they were for Bruce and me, however, they've come in so handy for visitors and regulars, of which I have many. Anyway, because we were in such close proximity I overheard some of her conversation, and frankly I thought she was talking about a break up of some kind. Concluding her call, she once again began looking, saying she was interested in something for a gift. All…

Walking on Sunshine

Well, not quite, as it is raining this morning but....

They say great minds think alike, which may, or may not be true, but I hope it is. My son Matthew beat me to the punch posting this first: Isn't it amazing that both he and I must have heard it on separate continents and thought it was good to share with friends? Oh this wild and wonderful modern world! Knowing my readers, great thinkers that you are, you've probably already heard this piece, but if not click on it for a smile.

WARNING! Lots of photos ahead! Well, what did you expect if you read this blog anyway?

Sadly, the order makes no sense because of my uploading issues but let's make do, shall we?

Our weekend was super fun and busy. Bruce arrived home fairly early (for him) on Friday evening and we decided to have a little date over at OLV. Just the two of sharing a bottle of wine and nice tapas. The evening was warm, but tolerable, and after a bit we…

What is Art?

First order of the day is to thank both Matthew and Nancy for commenting on the lilies. I'm unsure whether they think they are print worthy, but they did confirm my suspicion as to which is better.
Bruce was kind enough to accompany me to this show last evening shortly after returning from Connecticut. I'm not entirely clear if this was coincidental or not, but today I began reading a new novel with this quote by Bertand Russel in the front: The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. From what we saw last night, I'm not sure if I'm a fool, a fanatic (see blog title), or wise,  but I sure left puzzled. We made it to four spaces, which was more than enough. Many of the pieces were similar to my photo trash bucket. Two very unappealing pieces with clouds as subject matter were $800 a piece. Now, I'm all for clouds, but seriously these were no more than hold…

Compelling, or Not?

I skipped a meal yesterday, no, make that two. I don't know why I had no appetite, I just didn't feel right. As you well know, I rarely, if ever snack, however I always eat three meals a day, well, except for yesterday. After a sleeping marathon, I ate some delicious homemade granola this morning and I'm feeling some better. The state of my health did not keep me from finally getting my hair highlighted. Six months is more than long enough to go without a touch up. Not only did Cheryl highlight my hair, she cut it into a much more stylish look. Who is Cheryl you ask? Well, she did my hair for years and years when the children were young, and not so young. We went through countless looks together, most memorably the "Dorothy Hamill" if that gives you any indication how long ago it was. Cue the applause for Facebook! Yes, that's where we reconnected. Apparently she found me on a mutual friends page, sending me a friend request, and there you have it. Did I menti…

The Birthday Boy

It was about 44 years ago that Bruce and I became a couple. That, my friends is a long time ago, as I've no need to remind you. 16,060 days of conversation. And you know what, I've loved every minute of it. 
Imagine this, I was still a bed wetter when Bruce and I began going "steady." I'll never forget the time I had a cystoscopy in the urologist's office when I was 13, with no anesthesia I might add, and we went to some school game together. I was petrified to pee because they'd put that horrible metal instrument in me, and I finally broke down and told Bruce. He understood, or at least he said he did.
And, he's never given me reason to doubt what he tells me. He is an extraordinary man, as of course, I remind you every chance I get. Unlike both of our parents, our marriage has been one of happiness. When I tell people that we've rarely ever fought, they can't believe it, however, I'm speaking the truth. I've always wondered what people…

The Week in Pictures

Yesterday afternoon, the phone rang and it was Matthew, a very pleasant surprise. He'd done his best to reach me on Mother's Day, however, we were taking the show down and I couldn't locate my mobile soon enough to answer.

Fortunately, Mr. Bruce was on hand to chat, having decided to work from home. To say it's been a while since that's happened is somewhat of an understatement. It's the time thing; by the time Bruce returns from work, it is way past midnight in the UK. So, nice.

Anyway, we discussed the complexity of modern life. Is it any wonder people worry about what they can't remember? There is entirely too many things vying for our attention. Which brings me to my point--finally, you say. Who has the time to read my lengthy posts? Vying for attention on the web is not easy, what with all the "real" writers out there. Furthermore, there's our diminishing attention spans. Yikes, what's a casual writer to do???

Well, how about images toda…

The Booth Shot

As promised, a few more highlights from the show:

People were so friendly, lots and lots of Moms and their daughters came on Sunday, which apparently has been going on for the 43 years the show has run. In fact, my last sale of the day was to a Mom buying her older daughter a gift for Mother's Day. Nice.

What we couldn't get over was downtown Lakeland. Lots of very cute and clean shops, bars, and restaurants line the streets named, Lemon, Lime, and Orange. Lakeland, as it turns out, was a citrus town long before it became known as the home to Publix.

I became aware of the show because one of Bruce's co-workers wives mentioned it at the annual Christmas party. She said it was an awesome event, and she was so right. If you can imagine, our booth was one street over from their beautifully restored 1914 home, which we toured after we closed on Saturday. Plus, Bruce forgot a few items, so after helping me open on Saturday, he drove home; upon his return a few hours later, parki…


Well, I had a very clever plan for today's post, however, the new layout editor thwarted my plans! I do so hope you'll ignore the crazy layout of the pictures! I've entered some captions on the album photos if you'd care to click to the full size album.
Thursday night, after a short rainfall, Bruce loaded the Element to the rafters, saving space for both of us to ride down together. Per my previous post, I was somewhat nervous before we left, however, once we were on the road, I settled down.
Arriving in Lakeland around 2, we made our way to spot 159, at the corner of Success (!!!) and Lake Morton,  after a very nifty drive-through registration at the Polk Museum of Art, which by the way, looks like it is amazing. I popped in there to use the restroom;  from what I saw, it is a very, very classy place. Note to self--a trip down to thoroughly see what they have is in order.
Did I tell you it was sweltering? I didn't? Well, it was. Fortunately we could park right in fro…


For some reason, this has made me very nervous. I know, free publicity is always a good thing, but I'm thinking maybe I would have preferred to stay anonymous.  As such,  I just can't concentrate enough to write today if you'll forgive me.
We're heading over to Lakeland just as soon as Bruce returns from the year end inspections of the Red Lobster and Olive Garden he built in the Villages. Our tent has to be completely set up by 5:30 which means we'll be setting it all up in the heat of the day. Oh well, it will acclimate me for Saturday.
Wish us luck!

Mother Love

Around our house we called it Tosca's cake. Not that you'd ever find the recipe under that name in any cookbook as I discovered years ago while leafing through a McCall's magazine. No, this particular cake  mostly goes by the name of "Texas Sheet Cake" or "Mexican Chocolate Cake." While preparing to celebrate Carol's birthday Monday night, the memory of this cake resurfaced, and I decided to make one. Did I tell you that this cake is delicious? That description does it no justice. Think of the word you use to talk about food so wonderful that it is hard to imagine, and that's how good this cake is.

So, being the modern middle aged woman that I am, I did a quick Google search using not the family name of course, but one of the above listed titles. Plenty of search results. Gourmet, All Recipes, Paula Deen, Southern Living, they all have their own version. Sometimes I'm amazed at the modifications people make to recipes. In this case, readers …

Modern Middle Age

My baby camera has some cool settings in the scene menu including a pinhole and film grain black and white. While in Vero Beach on Friday with Bruce, I left him to fix the restaurant roof, and I headed to the water. I sell quite a few beach scenes, I suppose because around these parts, most folks love the ocean, and can't physically go as often as they like. I try to take them there with a photograph. That said, it is always a challenge to have a fresh approach. Thus, I tried these:
I'm not so sure I'll use these, but it was worth a try.

According to this article from the Times, Happy Days, I can relax about my "modern middle age" memory problems. Don't you just love that term? Actually, I worry very little about not remembering things clearly, mostly, I think, because I'm always looking ahead. Of course, I suppose if I was in therapy, that theory would undoubtedly be shot down! Most people seem to cherish their memories, however, in my experience, it's…