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Well, I had a very clever plan for today's post, however, the new layout editor thwarted my plans! I do so hope you'll ignore the crazy layout of the pictures! I've entered some captions on the album photos if you'd care to click to the full size album.

Thursday night, after a short rainfall, Bruce loaded the Element to the rafters, saving space for both of us to ride down together. Per my previous post, I was somewhat nervous before we left, however, once we were on the road, I settled down.

Arriving in Lakeland around 2, we made our way to spot 159, at the corner of Success (!!!) and Lake Morton,  after a very nifty drive-through registration at the Polk Museum of Art, which by the way, looks like it is amazing. I popped in there to use the restroom;  from what I saw, it is a very, very classy place. Note to self--a trip down to thoroughly see what they have is in order.

Did I tell you it was sweltering? I didn't? Well, it was. Fortunately we could park right in front of our space, unload, and set up. From the photo album you'll note there was a bench adjacent to our spot which was quite handy. Setting up in the afternoon when it is 95+ degrees is not anyone's idea of fun, but, set up we did, stopping every now and then to catch our breath. I told Bruce I was SO hot I couldn't think. He, of course, did very little complaining, which is why I did it for the both of us! A little after 5, we hopped into the car, turned the air conditioning to MAX, and headed the few blocks to downtown for much needed refreshments. 

A few years ago we enjoyed a memorable meal at Harry's in Lakeland, thus,  we were anxious to repeat the experience. As we were walking along the sidewalk, we came across the  pictured newspaper box. My jaw dropped when I saw the front page! Did I tell you already that although I entered that image, I've never even had it printed? Because the web site for the show used the alligator image, it never crossed my mind that the reporter would choose anything else. Neither of us had any change, so Bruce walked back to the nearest bar for some quarters. Once inside the restaurant, I found section B--yikes, there it was again! Turning to page B-6, there it was AGAIN in a larger version! Stop already!! Well, what could I do? 

I'd already decided if anyone asked about it, I'd just be honest, and that's exactly what I did. One woman came with the paper in hand looking for it. I've no doubt I'd have had a sale if only I'd prepared properly. Bruce, very nicely, suggested I learn something from this. As this is most likely the only time this will happen to me, I blew my chance!!!

But, not to worry, because as today's title alludes to, I sold 101 pieces, breaking all previous records by a long shot! I know that sounds impossible, but truth be told, that number may be wrong because once I added up all the money I had more than we recorded---so much nicer than having less.

Saturday's weather was an improvement on Friday's. Sunday it turned even a little cooler. The party on Saturday night was in a wonderful location next door to Hollis Gardens, with good food and wine. Naturally I didn't win any awards, but that's okay by me. Well, it better be okay, because it is out of my hands. I consistently lose to this woman: Most of the award winners are repeats from other shows I've entered, but as I've mentioned in the past, they depend on award money, I hope for real people to buy my photographs. Does that make sense? 

So here's some thanks to the real people who used credit to take home something from Out & About Photography: Kathleen, Joseph, Howard, Brian, Kristen, Mark, Paula, Stacy, Laura, Katherine, Erin, Sarah, Anne, Helen, Ray, Thomas, Stephanie, Kristine, Blair, Dawn, and Michelle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Saving the most important thanks till last ,which goes to--you guessed it---my darling Bruce, whom without none of this would be possible. 

We'll talk more about this tomorrow, but for now, I'm still recovering!!!

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