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The Week in Pictures

Yesterday afternoon, the phone rang and it was Matthew, a very pleasant surprise. He'd done his best to reach me on Mother's Day, however, we were taking the show down and I couldn't locate my mobile soon enough to answer.

Fortunately, Mr. Bruce was on hand to chat, having decided to work from home. To say it's been a while since that's happened is somewhat of an understatement. It's the time thing; by the time Bruce returns from work, it is way past midnight in the UK. So, nice.

Anyway, we discussed the complexity of modern life. Is it any wonder people worry about what they can't remember? There is entirely too many things vying for our attention. Which brings me to my point--finally, you say. Who has the time to read my lengthy posts? Vying for attention on the web is not easy, what with all the "real" writers out there. Furthermore, there's our diminishing attention spans. Yikes, what's a casual writer to do???

Well, how about images today with very little text--will that do for a Friday post? I may just have found an option that allows me to upload my photos without making me tear my hair out!!

Flowering trees are so lovely--this is a beauty from Leu Gardens.
School girls who were on class trip at Leu Gardens. I don't envy them the black robes in our heat!
Truth be told, Leu Gardens is a little messy these days although this shot would make you think otherwise. Budget cuts must be the culprit.
From a home on Osceola--a new gardener who has graciously allowed me access to her yard.
Eric's back yard, he lives with his parents on Gatlin, about a block from us, on Lake Jennie Jewel. I got severely bitten by mosquitos on their property what with the humidity rising.
On my way home from the Polasek, I stopped to take some shots of a beautiful yard when this young man happened by. He called out for me to take his picture after he stood on the seat. I was shocked to see this come out as I had my manual focus lens on the Nikon. When I told him I'd email the photo, he said he didn't have email. Could this be true?
According to my friend Paige, this is a Cordon Bleu caterpillar which I photographed munching on the fennel at the Polasek vegetable garden.
Taken on Parramore early in the week--I knew my readers would get a kick out of this one. Do you suppose occasion has been misspelled all 32 years?
Do you recall what this looked like before the Graffiti Fest?
Our neighbor's hibiscus poking through.

So, there you have it, some of my week in pictures, if you're intrigued by any of them, apparently you can click on them and they will become a bit larger. Have a super weekend dear ones.

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