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The Written Word

I'm talking about on paper friends. I'm afraid we are so losing something with all this typing. Lest I get too fussy, suffice it to say that I love reading old letters, almost as much as I love hearing old letters read aloud. There's much to learn about a person from handwriting as well. Last evening Lisa brought over a large cache of letters our father wrote to her while she was living in California which she read aloud to Nancy and me. We kept wondering who this person was because his written thoughts certainly didn't match his actions! His handwriting was impeccable although Lisa detected some spelling errors. She was a little afraid to read me the part where Daddy said that Matthew needed a good whomping, however, I agreed with him in part. Maybe not the whomping part, but he was oh so correct when he observed that at 2 years old Matthew was a handful and a half!  Anyway we learned some things we'd either forgotten, or never knew, which was fun. 

She also brought over letters I'd written her, as well as some letters from one of my Mother's uncles about selling family land in Kentucky to the Nature Conservancy. I now know a little about my Mom's family from those letters. Like that her great great grandfather bought his land from Indians in the early 1800's. Now, I've got something to go on as far as our family genealogy is concerned. Furthermore, there are some documents related to our Father's Mother's family. Now, what I need to do is get with my friend Karen about how to start the process. Exciting days ahead I hope.

Before I get into the wedding here's something I found last week in the Times: My handful and a half son now is a proud owner of a flat in Bethnal Green. In fact it is mighty close to that Columbia Road Market mentioned.

Nancy arrived Saturday evening after missing her earlier flight. We surprised her by taking both she and Maureen to Linda's LaCantina for dinner. You may just recall that during her last stay she introduced us to this Orlando landmark and we've since been back a few times. Delicious!

The wedding was lovely with delicious food and lots of dancing. Oh how these old knees of mine suffer following a night of dancing! Totally worth it though. Here's a little album of pictures I took although for the most part once we went in for the dinner and dancing I set my camera aside to enjoy the ride. It used to be that Mr. Bruce was shy about dancing but no longer thank goodness! We had a blast.

Because this album was for this space, it is heavy on our family, however, the last two pictures are of the groom Matt dancing with his Mom. He is her only child--really her pride and joy! Forgive some of the blur--those darn folks wouldn't stay still for their pictures! Before we went inside Nancy took the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Peck--one for me to cherish.

It did just occur to me as I was typing that last sentence that we may also be missing out on something with only digital photos. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like to shuffle through old photos recalling the past? Hmmm.....the modern dilemma.

Monday morning I picked up an enormous order from Mr. Roger's house which is now filling up my foyer. I do so hope it is not in vain.

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