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Visiting Whistler

Talking with Matt about their upcoming visit, he expressed a keen interest in visiting Banff National Park in Alberta. After a little research, I realized that plan was a wee bit ambitious during the winter, due to not only inclement weather, but distance as well. We could, however, take a trip to Whistler on a bus that picked us up downtown. Sold!

Boarding the large comfortable bus at 9 in the morning, we sat back to enjoy the scenic route along the Sea to Sky highway. Driving there ourselves is not an option because in BC snow tires are a requirement that we could not meet. Plus, this way, Bruce could enjoy the ride as well. The sky was a bit gloomy as we began the journey; pretty, nonetheless. Pictured in the water is one of the BC Ferries that take you over to Vancouver Island, a two hour trip.
Just past Squamish, where we visited in early Autumn, the road moves begins moving inland with accumulated snow, rivers, and bluer skies.
At one point, our bus came to a complete stop in th…

Day One and Day Two

It felt like forever before Matt and Tom came out of the incoming passenger corridor at the airport, but finally, after a lengthy wait at immigration, their exhausted faces came into view, and what a welcome sight it was. London is eight hours behind Vancouver, so their arrival time was, well you can do the math. 8:30PST. Oh the sweet energy of youth!

Our first order of business the following morning was a trip to Urban Fare, the closest grocery store. Thinking it would be nice to walk along the seawall to get there,
I was surprised to find patches of ice along the way. Tom put on his coaching hat, guiding me to avoid my slipping and breaking something. Not to mention spoiling their visit! Bruce had a meeting at the office in the morning, so once our shopping was complete, we walked over to meet him there. It was nice for them to meet some of the women Bruce works with as well as seeing where Bruce spends most of his days. We must have eaten somewhere, however, that memory already esc…

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow

Had you grown up in the Price household you would immediately get the title reference. As only a few of my readers did, let me explain. You've heard, probably ad nauseam, about my love for two Christmas records we grew up listening to every year--Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. I won't belabor the point yet again, however, one of the songs goes something like this:   

Snow, snow, snow, snow Snow, let it snow, let it beautiful wonderful snow
We sang along as if we knew anything about snow. Well, my friends, now I know a little bit about snow firsthand, much to my delight.
Looking at the weather app on my phone Tuesday morning, I saw the snow symbol for around 9 that night. Woo hoo! I figured we would be walking home from the train station about that time after collecting Matt and Tom at the airport. Wondering what that would be like, I began getting ready for some last minute errands. Following my shower and layering of clothing, I walked into the living room and much to my…