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When last I wrote, I mentioned that otters were nowhere to be found, but like most things, their presence is unpredictable. One thing I have learned to date is that if they are to be seen, it will be in the morning with the worst lighting for a photograph, at least pointed East. Nevertheless, I'm still trying. Perhaps it will be fun to see if I ever do get an excellent shot? Then again, maybe not.
I will keep trying, however,  I won't subject you to every attempt. I still keep trying with the shore birds too. Same lighting problems with them, but again, that never stops me from hoping one day the shot will be good.
On Wednesday, Sue asked if I'd like to walk with her at Barber Park, meeting just before 8AM. You bet! Except, I woke up countless times the night before, rising on my elbow to see the clock on Bruce's side of the bed. Finally a little before 5 I got up and soon thereafter sat down at my sewing machine to make, well I was thinking one of those spiral rugs like some of my sewing friends are making. Instead of the traditional version, I found one that only partially covered the rope. Because I'd just been sorting all that fabric, I knew scraps were no problem. Plus, this one is totally random, right up my alley.
That jar was packed to the brim with scrap pieces, making it easy to grab one and sew. Because the park is close, I left with what I thought was more than enough time. Except, it wasn't. Why, you ask? Traffic? Oh no, traffic was fine at that time of the morning. Nope, I was on my way to the wrong park when it hit me, and I had to turn back around. Success, and off we went.
Round and round, six times in total which amounted to around four miles. Having someone to chat with while walking is quite the treat, and even though by the time we were finished it was blistering hot, the time did go quickly. During our laps, we saw a bunch of Muscovy ducks, never my favorite. This was a super sad little situation as this duck kept trying to climb the bank and could not while the siblings were happily on their way. Seems as if it has a broken leg. :(
Mom followed the little one back into the water and who knows what happened next. Following our walk, I made a stop at Clemons for fresh tomatoes; the very best place in town for them as I've mentioned before. Home again, as I was having a new friend over for lunch, I used the cool dishes Sue gave me as part of her downsizing/move. Awesome, baby!
Nancy and I had a good long chat over our meal with bonus points because she lives just on the next street so we will see each other again.

Where was Bruce you might be wondering? Still in Canada, as he was until late Friday afternoon.

That coiled rope thing became a plant trivet of sorts because I decided I didn't like it so much after all.
Friday was meant to be one way, and  it ended up in a very unpredictable way. Water aerobics--check. Taking Maureen to lunch downtown where we were to meet with someone from the building--not so fast. As we we were waiting on our food, she mentioned a health issue that I did not think could wait until her next visit to the doctor, more than three weeks away. Instead of our meeting, we ended up at the doctor's office where he agreed that it was something that needed checking out immediately. They told us to go home and wait for the hospital to call when they had a bed ready. In the meantime, Bruce's plane landed, but instead of his loving wife being ready for a date, we waited. And waited. Finally Nancy suggested I call the hospital which turned into a big deal as they said they didn't have the orders. I disagreed, saying I had overheard the doctor's phone conversation with the hospital. The hour was getting late. After three phone calls with the same result, I said I would just go to the office in the morning and we'd begin again. I told Maureen to go to bed and I'd pick her up in the morning.

Then the phone rang. The orders had been found, could I bring her in? Nope.

Next morning, bright and early I did take her to ORMC which is beginning to look like a hotel it is so big.
Orlando Health is the stupid name that it now goes under because they own multiple locations. But, I digress.

The admission process went great, they wheeled her to a room and in walked the nurse who turned out to be just the ticket, in part because she is a Boone High School graduate, like Maureen and Bruce, and Matt, and Bill and David and Jonathan. Me, I went there for tenth grade and then our family moved to Melbourne. Anyway, she was so kind and friendly. Plus, she let me take her photograph. Doesn't she just exude kindness?
Once we established names, it turns out she had such fond memories of Cris, Bruce's brother. Her brother, on the other hand, went to the prom with SUE who is mentioned above. When she mentioned her last name, I knew I'd heard it very recently. Turns out, a week ago Friday there was a reunion which Sue attended and ran into Felica's (above) brother. Pictures were taken and Felicia rushed to show them to me on her phone! Who knew? I am most definitely back in our home town.

On my way out, I saw this on the front lawn, some sort of rescue class.
Oh how I hope I never need one of those helicopters!

Because I knew Maureen was in good hands, I came home to see Bruce AND wait on my new washer and dryer.
We'd actually planned to use the ones that were here, however, after last wash day, Bruce insisted I buy new ones as the washer was what you might call, "a traveling washer." It rocked so hard, moving out of position and nearly running into the door. Plus it was super loud. If you could see this space you would understand.

People have asked how we like living in Lake Pineloch and I can tell you that we like it more every day. Ellie, a new neighbor held a party to celebrate the "Corn Moon." Not familiar with that term? Neither were we, but the party was fun despite not know what we were celebrating.
Surprisingly, it was actually fairly comfortable to be outdoors; a small miracle. Even more so as the evening wore on and the moon rose over the water. Loads of folks our age!!
Sunday morning Bruce left for most of the week in Boston where a remodel was starting. It happened both Sunday and Monday overnight and from his call this morning things went very well. Life may be unpredictable at times, however, one thing I've learned through these many years together, if Bruce is in charge, the results are VERY predictable. Hurray!

Maureen is in good spirits with the next step being that she spend some time in a rehab facility to improve her walking. After that, well, it is unpredictable. One step at a time.

your friend,


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